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Traveller 5 Discussion of the Fifth edition of Traveller, released Spring 2013.

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Old August 31st, 2015, 04:03 PM
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Default NPC: Marine 1st Lieutenant Samantha Dare

Samantha Dare

Marine (O2, ret.) 7CAB47 42 yrs 6 terms KCr 18

Fighter-5(Beams-1,Slug Throwers-1), Fluidics-1, Flyer-0(Winged-1), Fwd Obs-1, Heavy Wpns-1, Hostile Env-1, Leader-4, Minor-1, Polymers-1, Programmer-1, Sapper-1, Stealth-1, Steward-1, Streetwise-1, Survival-2, Tactics-4

Ship Share(1)

1st leftenant Samantha Dare is the go-to problem solver for the government of the Republic of Regina (1910 Spinward Marches). Samantha is quite tall, and while not particularly muscular, she has a poise that speaks of confidence and strength. Though not specifically a sharpshooter, she nevertheless has fantastic reflexes and balance, and the skill with firearms to hit a human-sized person at 1 km distance with ease -- due to an implanted far-vision module in one eye. She is comfortable in social situations, and tends to take the initiative in conversations, though knows when to talk and when to back off. Her skills look natural, but in fact they are learned.

Growing up on the streets of Menorb (1803 Spinward Marches), she learned early how to rely on informal networks (Streetwise) and how to cater to the upper classes (Steward). She signed up for the Republic Marines as soon as she was able. As a new recruit she showed herself a capable marine, gaining a medal for conspicuous gallantry in combat at the Vougzgath Strike. She quickly mastered laser weaponry as well as slug throwers of all stripes. She was promoted -- fast -- to a 1st leftenant, and stayed there, preferring "involvement" to "a desk job".

By her second term, she had branched out, as command school broadened her experience to cover technologically useful sciences. She learned to modify routines in the synthetic personalities running many starships. In her third term she had started to pick up the knack for giving effective orders to others, and certified on winged flying craft. She also learned that sometimes stealth is as good as direct assault. She learned that the hard way, suffering minor injuries due to crashing her flyer at the Battle of Kishkankanun; these injuries would follow her to the end of her career.

By the time she was 34, aging had begun to assert itself, and she realized that time was not her friend. Nevertheless she pushed on with her career, becoming increasingly skilled as a leader and pretty good in survival situations as well. By the end of her fifth term, Samantha had also become a skilled tactician, and a very good shot with all energy-or-bullet weapons.

In her final term, she picked up more direct combat experience, "shooting, leading, and plotting" as she put it, in various skirmishes in the toxic atmosphere of Yorbund (2303 Spinward Marches). The retirement program granted her several years of rehab, as well as one share ownership of a starship: this she pooled with other retired teammates, and together they formed a group of problem solvers for the various worlds in the Republic. Seeing a good thing, Regina subsidized their operations in exchange for part-time help on a negotiated, ad hoc basis.
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