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Old February 19th, 2014, 12:25 AM
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Default T51:1889 Campaign News Flashes

These are the news flashes of the earlier campaign, and are still in effect. Anyone interested in playing should read them for some idea of what might be encountered. (Posted 8 March 2019)

Thymiamata, Mars: New York Herald Special Correspondent Gideon Spilett, December 11, 1889

The death earlier this year of John Ericsson was greatly lamented in the engineering community, however others have continued his work on the solar boilers used so extensively by the great Ether Flyers. At Thymiamata, through the efforts of the U. S. Department of Agriculture and the Edison Company has been erected a powerful solar boiler capable of aiding the Martians in their turning their arid planet into an agricultural powerhouse. The reader must imagine a huge conical lamp-shade turned over on to its smaller end, its inner surface lined with nearly 1800 mirrors 2 feet long and 3 inches broad, the whole supported on a light iron framework, and he will have a good idea of the apparatus used by this new solar-powered water pump. The machine is arranged in meridian, that is, at right angles to the path of the sun, which it follows all day long by the agency of clockwork. In the focus of the mirrors is a boiler, 13 feet 6 inches long, coated with black, heat-absorbing substances. This boiler holds over 100 gallons of water, and being fed automatically will raise steam untended all the day through. The steam is led by pipes to an engine working a pump, capable of delivering 1400 gallons per minute. This water, drawn from the aquifer of the Dead Canal to the north of this Martian city, is capable of supplying 3 acres per hour of pumping with an inch of water for every square foot of land. Agricultural specialists believe that this single device will provide sufficient water for the irrigation of an addition 360 acres of land presently good only for desert scrub. If this is true, or even partially true, Thymiamata will soon become the bread basket of the Tossian Empire.
Note: For those interested in seeing a picture of this solar-powered pump, go to the following website on Project Gutenberg:

It is The Romance of Modern Invention, by Archibald Williams, written in 1902.
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