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Old May 18th, 2013, 02:52 AM
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Default [T5 ATU] [FS 0930] Sphic.

(This is mainly directed at Magnus, but since others may also benefit from it, I'm posting it here.)

The world Sphic (capital of County Sphic, I presume) is a bit smaller than Earth/Terra. But, it has a population of 500 trillion sophonts (almost a hundred thousand as many as Earth/Terra currently). Since it is in the Permatic Imperium, we can assume the majority are Humans/Humaniti (and Human-sized).
The world also has a Religious Autocracy government (govt code E) with the (very) high law level of G. Plus, its Tech Level is a mere 3, and it has a Atmosphere Code of 3, indicating an atmosphere than normal Humans cannot breathe without assistance.
From this, one can surely gather that it is not a very pleasant place to live...

How can 500 trillion TL-3 Humans live on a world that is only Size 6? Of course, one could say that those 500 trillion don't all live on the mainworld, but even, say, half of 500 trillion is still a huge number. The "closest" thing I could imagine would be a shantytown ten storeys deep covering (nearly) the entire land area of the planet, with sea and underground colonisation as well. With TL-3 building materials, such structures would not be very stable. With TL-3 medical care and such huge levels of crowding diseases would be very widespread as well. Additionally, considering the planet's highly restrictive government, huge population, relatively small amount of farmable land, poor starport (code E) and Amber Zone classification, the question comes up of how are all these people even fed?

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