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Old March 26th, 2017, 01:34 PM
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Default 1970s Ad Copy for Traveller products

I was thumbing through issue 12 of the Judges Guild Journal today (December 1978/January 1979) and came across ads for two Traveller booklets: 1001 Characters and Mercenary (both newly published!).

The ad copy is something else! It's easy to forget how much text there was in ads back in 70s and prior.

Here's the ad for 1001 Characters:

Game Designers Workshop
203 North Street
Normal, IL 61761

1001 Characters is a complete 48 page booklet of pre-generated Traveller characters intended for use by the referee or gamemaster during the course of Traveller adventures.

How often have you been running a situation, and come upon a non-player character of some importance? Ordinarily, generating that character can take some 5 or 10 minutes, and even then, he may have to be discarded as inappropriate. 1001 Characters offers a solution to the problem, simply because it presents so many different characters. Separate sections cover each of the 6 character service arms, with additional sections covering simple thugs, cops, and soldiers. If the single individual you randomly select is in appropriate, choose another, and still no time is lost.

Each character is listed with characteristics, age, cash, rank, and skills. Each is ready to use immediately.

1001 Characters, for Traveller . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3.98
In no RPG did I ever stop the session to generate an NPC! And I can just imagine doing that in Traveller. "Oh, dang. I need a Marine and ended up with a dead Scout. One more try!"

That $3.98 booklet would be $13.35 in today's dollars.

Here's the ad for Mercenary (this time, they used italics instead of boldface for product titles):

Mercenary NEW!
Traveller assumes a remote central government possessed of great technological and industrial might, but unable, due to the immense distances and travel times involved, to exert total control at all levels everywhere in this star-spanning realm. On the frontiers, extensive home rule provisions allow planetary populations to choose their own forms of government, and to raise and maintain armed forces for local defense. Conflicting local interests are often settled by force of arms, with Imperial garrisons looking quietly the other way, unable to effectively intervene as a police force in any but the most widespread conflicts and still maintain the defense of the realm. In this environment, the mercenary will thrive.

Mercenary is the first major rule book supplement to Traveller, greatly expanding its potential scope. Mercenary includes expanded career generation tables for the Army and Marines, numerous new skills, and complete rules on joining or forming mercenary contingents, organizing and equipping them, and resolving their missions. Also of interest to even the casual traveller is the complete summary of weapons technology at each successive Tech Level, with numerous additional small arms, support weapons, and even artillery, all integrated into the existing Traveller combat system.

Mercenary is a full sized, 48 page rule booklet, including complete charts, tables and examples. $5.98

Game Designers' Workshop
203 North Street, Normal, Illinois 61761

More material for TRAVELLER
I like that this one emphasizes that the Imperium is remote and not very interested in local matters.

$5.98 would be $20.07 in today's dollars.
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