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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old February 26th, 2004, 05:09 PM
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Here is contest #23s criteria and timings.
Come on over to JTAS this one looks interesting and different. Remember any Traveller design system can be used for these contests. I have seen all of the systems used at one time or another.


Design a "lower technology level" colony transport or support ship.
That is the entire specifications,
Encouragement notes,
1. the Solmani/Vilani Interstellar wars was one of the periods with a
variety of colony activities but there have been a large number of
other periods with significant colonial activity. This is not
explicitly a Interstellar wars design contest but should be a good
opportunity to work up designs from that age even before there is a
set of rules expanding on the technology (limits) of the time.
Such time periods filled with conflict also suggest a variety of
designs in terms of armaments and auxillary craft from pacifists
attempting to maximize people and cargo to primarily military ships
ordered to support a "more baskets" effort.
2. "Lower technology level" is left fuzzy because of contrasting
definitions in the various versions. This does imply that higher
jump levels 4 and 5 are not available. Jump 3 Drive ships are in the
gray area for "lower technology.
3. Alien ships are welcome including contemporary with OTU Aslan who
continue to feed their "land hunger".
4. Arbitrarily, for this contest, Deep space jumps or Brown dwarfs or
deep space free planets are allowed. This is not to open discussion
about the merits of such events, simply mentioned so that some
designers, allocating fuel for multiple jumps can be a way to
overcome limitations of lower technology J drives.
5. Considering the latitude of the specifications, contestants
should hava a paragragh about sponsors, economics and target world(s)
Historically colonial ships have ranged from standard designs
converted for refugee cartage up to "Trillion Credit" scale planned
developments. Planetary and Megacorp activities including resource
exploitation colonies can also be considered as inspiration for
dedicated colonial ships and craft. Some government sponsered
colonization efforts almost certainly lasted several hundred years
and muliple generations of ship design.
6. Armaments, Craft and Maneuver G levels are up to designer choice.
Stealth, wilderness or cometary refueling and communications systems
also can be significant considerations for colonial efforts.
Reconfigurable, modular and disposable (one mission) ships might be
of interest.
7. As usual, adventure seeds, characters and specific ship stories
are welcome with entries.
Lets set the target for submissions to be in as Sunday April 4 with a
week for voting after that. Those dates are negotiable.


If the times are changed I will post an update.
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Peter Vernon
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