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Traveller 5 Discussion of the Fifth edition of Traveller, released Spring 2013.

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Old February 27th, 2015, 08:36 PM
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Question Character Generation Questions...

Okay, so I have been going through the T5 rules for character generation and have a whole bunch of questions, primarily related to careers. And while I am sure that these are all answered somewhere in these esteemed forums, I can't seem to find concise answers, so I thought I would ask them here. A lot of this is simply going to be re-stating things to make sure I understand them right, so please bear with me.

My questions focus mainly on the "classic" careers (Scout-Rogue from pg 79).

Risk Rolls: In most careers, failing the Risk reward is akin to failing the survival roll and you get injured losing the delta of the stat you rolled against. Then you get to roll 1D to see how much of that you get back. Rogues go to jail instead of being injured.

Reward Rolls: You make this, you get the reward as per the career description. So here are some questions:
  • You can take a -DM on the risk roll to add a +DM to the reward roll. So if I take a -2 on the risk roll, I get a +2 on the reward roll.
  • And with military careers, if you beat the roll by set amounts, you can earn medals. The higher the amount the better the medal (which explains why you would take the -DM on the risk roll).
  • In the Rogue career, do you actualyl keep the reward? So if I succeed at a scheme against a scout, I get a Scout Ship? (or is that a ship share?) And I could make 1.2Mcr scamming a Noble?

Skills: How many skills you get is pretty clear cut, but it isn't always clear which tables you can roll on. For example, with a Rogue should the table match the scheme? If so how does that work? Some would be obvious but most are not. With military careers it seems a bit easier to match an assignment to a skill table, but must you?

And can someone explain Knowledge and Skills. I thought I understood it, but every time I read the section I get confused again. At first I thought it was like "Life Sciences" from MgT would be a Knowledge and "Biology" a skill. But I'm not so sure.

Military Careers: So these questions are specific to Soldiers, Spacers, and Marines. For each YEAR of a 4 year term you roll for an assignment. I get that. What I don't get is how the mods work, R/R, promotions, etc.

For example, I have a guy in the Marines. To pick a branch you roll 1D, but there are 8 options. What are the DMs for this? And do you stay in the same branch the entire career?

And then each year you roll an assignment. So let's say the guys is a Commando.
  • What are the DMs for this table?
  • Is the R/R rolled for each year? Or is it per term?
  • Could you end up with 4 medals in one term?
  • When matching the operation to the skill table, where does Combat and Insurgency match up?
  • If you get ANM school, do you just pick from whatever knowledges are available for your career?
  • For promotion rolls it say "Mod +1 Per Medal" against EDU. So if I am trying roll under doesn't that mean medals make it HARDER to get promoted? That doesn't make sense. Also, is this where the "mod" for the operation comes in?

I've got more questions, but I think that's enough for now. I started wondering if I was doing it right when I rolled a Rogue who after 6 terms had a Scout ship and about 3 million credits BEFORE mustering out. Then got a Barony and Directorship (along with more money). And then I rolled a Marine who had so many medals that his fame was literally off the chart. I figured I have to be doing something wrong....

As always, thanks for the answers I know will come flooding in.
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