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Traveller 5 Discussion of the Fifth edition of Traveller, released Spring 2013.

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Old October 25th, 2017, 12:35 AM
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Default COLOR TEXT: Sophont Resources Handbook

This is a work in progress.
The focus of this thread is on the "flavor text" heading the sections.
I'd like your criticisms.

The Republic of Regina interstellar merchant cruiser Jakrand died on the fortieth day of the seven-hundredth anniversary of the Era, far from anyone who cared.
Tand Ikri-Asani was near the hangar. He had been sent to the engine room to help with repairs. He almost got there, but events changed his mind: an incoming nuclear missile blew the drive section to shreds. Atmosphere screamed as the fire doors struggled to close. The ship’s brain had been hit almost half an hour ago: the ship was dead. It just didn’t know it yet.
Already adrift, the derelict sank into the upper atmosphere of the gas giant. Five lifepods ejected. Tand, Rej, the Lady, and Kuran took one of them, heading to the blue-green moon.
- from season one, Galaxiad.

Welcome to the Sophont Resources division of Oberlindes Security and Transport! While real life is not as exciting as a wafernovella such as the Galaxiad, personnel selection is yet a critical component of staffing. Every factor must know how to hire people. This handbook was compiled as a reference for checking backgrounds, reading resumes, and recommending contract workers for our interstellar assignments.
Oberlindes is fortunate and proud to be a member corporation in the great Republic of Regina. Our ships travel freely and safely. The stability provided by her Navy, strong worlds, and associate worlds gives us security as well as vigorous interstellar commerce.

(In-character introductions to Traveller, role-playing as problem solving, the referee’s job, working out what players want out of the game session, that sort of thing).

== Page Break ==

I shot Georg, then became Rej’s pilot.
Kuran saw the man die. Georg was about to hit Rej in the face, again. He stopped. Fell. And didn't get up. Kuran looked for pinprick signs of gauss gun flechettes.
Rej awoke a few minutes later, and saw me for the first time. I sat nearby, barely holding the gauss pistol. I felt hollow. My first kill, I thought morosely.
Third of five daughters, that’s me. There was no real work to do at the estate. Pretty much expected to get married and settle down. So, I got a doctorate in psychology, learned to fly starships, and vowed to wander the space lanes. Attaching myself to Rejnaldi as his pilot would be a job -- maybe two jobs, seeing as he was sort of helpless. Plus it kept Mother at bay.
I didn’t know that I would have to kill.
I also didn’t know the sort of equipment Rej had to work with. When he showed me the ship, I was not impressed.
"What is that? An old insystem trash barge?
"Computer, record: Tet, Day 300, year 1895. I, Lady Lisandra Elene Marava hault-Tellona, bequeath my possessions to my parents, who survive me because I ignored their advice and went offworld."
"Oh, come off it, Lis," he said. "It's a good ship. See, the Collectors are practically new."
Kuran seemed interested, but I was not. I huffed a bit, then had my bearers stow my luggage in a spare room on the ship, while I prepared myself some food from her own stores. I made enough for one.
Nor did I care about ruins. Xenoanthropology – thousands of different cultures on thousands of worlds – is interesting, but old crumbling buildings are not. So we visited Yori, a planet which is entirely only old crumbling buildings. I sat in the shade under a thousand-foot, 40,000 year old gravestone. At my feet, the buried walls of the canal Gurk-something. Or Zurk-something. Rej knew all the names. I didn’t care. The canal is all dust now, bisecting the Rekkzrik Basin for no good reason.
The next year, we were on Regina. On private land. Walking around an ancient Amindii funeral pyramid. A looter’s tunnel cut nearly straight down into the ground. Rej was in a pyramid craze, and we were trespassing.

- Excerpt from the diary of Lady Lisandra Elene Marava hault-Tellona.

They’ll say that worlds with weak governments are breeding grounds for pirates. So your homeworld may be as important as your home city. In other words, people from the Wilds need not apply. People like me.
- Citizen Sir Rejnaldi da Santos, xenoarchaeologist.

(Homeworld, characteristic determination, and education goes here)

It doesn’t matter where you’re from: the Republic is an egalitarian society. We’re founded on the essential, inherent worth of all sophonts. If you’ve got the skills, they’ll hire you.
- Lady Lisandra, noblewoman.

(Intro to career resolution)

Careers, In Order, Go Here.
Getting In
A typical term
Don’t be a hero
Know when you quit
Retirement Benefits



== Page Break ==

Oberlindes does not adhere to a strict quota system. However, it is important to the health of the company that people from all corners of the Republic work here. Sophont diversity is a strength of the company, and allows us to tailor our services based on specific needs of the various communities in the Republic.
This section will help you understand some of your fellow co-workers, as well as those whom you may be helping on the job.

(Nonhuman characters pages go here)

== Page Break ==


If they look you in the eyes, stare right back. But don’t fume. Just watch. But if they go for their gun, I’d shoot first.
- Sergeant Kuran Zelaar, soldier of fortune.

(Interpersonals goes here – make this short)


(The task system goes here)


(Adventuring on worlds goes here, and checklists etc)


(Personal Combat goes here)

== Page Break ==

Pirates spaced us on Fourday. Barking with glee, they shoved us into the airlock and flushed us. My vacc suit had four hours of air, and no propulsion, so I drifted.
They ambushed us halfway through a milk run. My brother said we'd make a lot of money. How was I to know that he was smuggling political refugees? Traitors and terrorists, they call them on Calit. They looked like slaves to me. The broker looked like a slaver, talked like a slaver. Shifty eyes, too.
Anyway, halfway done, three corsairs pop out from behind a moon, shoot out our turrets, board, and take our slave cargo. The big one was this she-Vargr, tall and lean, short hair, dangly earrings in the shape of Kian forkbones. I know enough Aekhu to understand "space [them]" when I hear it. Her orders.
Now Brother says a rescue ship will find us. So all we do now, is wait.
- Form the personal log of Pirlin Adali.

Our patrol ship found the damaged packet; both turrets were shot out. There were signs of boarding, but the cargo manifest was blank. The ship must have been transporting people, not goods. Several bodies were recovered, floating slowly away from the ship, and they had clearly been spaced, left to asphyxiate when their oxygen supply gave out.
Pirates! Vargr symbology was scrawled on the packet's hull. One of them read, simply, "Valtra, " the name of a local gang known for its ruthlessness.
- From the personal log of the Defiant’s captain.


(Starship operations and hazards go here)

== Page Break ==


NOTE: Security equipment requires a special authorization for use, whether loaned or purchased.

(Equipment list goes here)
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