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Old February 12th, 2019, 10:22 PM
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Default Reworked Tech Levels

I have reworked the Cepheus Engine Tech Levels into something that is a bit less amorphous and comes closer to fitting the needs of my sector.


TL 0 Stone Age Up to roughly 3000 BC on Terra
Hunter-gatherer groups in early period, with agriculture appearing along with domesticated animals in the later period. Towns and villages appear, along with irrigation, and the beginning of fortification and the city state. Weapons include the bow and spear thrower. Barter is the principal means of exchange.

TL 1 Bronze/Iron Age Circa 3000 BC to 1400 AD on Terra Widespread and large-scale agriculture, with cash crops appearing. Oared warships appears, along with basic sailing ships. Local empires and large cities are present, while organized armies make warfare much more decisive. A wide range of government types exist. Muscle power predominates, but some use is made of water and wind power. On water worlds, long range sailing ships make their appearance. Metal smelting is common place, and coinage is also present.

TL 2 Renaissance Era Circa 1400 AD to 1750 AD on Terra
Gunpowder and the printing press revolutionize warfare, education, and learning. The use of water and wind power is widespread to supplement muscle power. Cannon become the heavy weapons for the army, and make it difficult for small city states to survive as independent. Oared warships, if present, give way to heavily armed sailing ships, and the ocean-going merchant ship is developed and widely used. Improved communications allow for more food imports, and improved agricultural techniques and crops improve crop yields. The art of fortification reaches its high point, along with the development of full-time professional armies. Monarchy tends to be the prevailing government type. Civil servants become numerous to administer the more complex taxes and spending of the government.

TL 3 Early Industrial Age Circa 1750 AD to 1860 AD on Terra
The beginning of industrialization appear, with the development of the early steam engine and mechanical looms appearing to produce textiles on a large scale. Replaceable parts begin to appear, and the early locomotive and steam ship improve communications still further, along with widespread canal building. Rifles become a larger factor in warfare and the percussion system greatly aids in reliability. The telegraph is developed along with the semaphore system of long-range message transmission. Agriculture begins to become mechanized, increasing the yield of crops per laborer, and domesticated animals are improved by selective breeding, resulting again in increased yields. Cities begin to grow much larger, drawing on the improved communications for food and material, while the nascent factories require large amounts of labor. Ocean travel becomes safer, although not totally safe, and much more frequent. Government types multiply, with a large range of experimental types tried. The sailing ship as at the peak of its development.

I am working on Tech Level 4 and following, probably up to Tech Level 9 or so, then they will get a bit less detailed. I am thinking of putting in a separate table for weapons.
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