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Old February 9th, 2014, 03:36 PM
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Default Dramatis Personae

Dramatis Personae

Being a list of the characters in this dramatic journey to the Planet Venus, played out in the context of the Space: 1889 role-playing game, under the leadership of Game Master Aramis:

(List of Approved PCs)

Crew of the Ether Airship Highland Pride:

Mr. Rory McBean (played by McPerth): Captain, Builder, and Owner Aboard

Lt. Iain McPhee (NPC): Cartographer, Ordinance Survey Representative

[Unnamed] (NPC) : Pilot

[Unnamed] (NPC) : Signalman

Msr. Dr. Henri DuBois (played by Thanos): Bioscientist

Mr. David Lawton (played by Jame): Journalist

Msr. Emil Tunnaud (played by Doctor X): Ship's Engineer

[Unnamed] (NPC) : Engineer's Mate

Sgt. William Carson (played by SpaceBadger): Chief Gunner

Corp. John Smithers (NPC): Gunner

[Unnamed] (NPC) : Bosun

Jebediah Thornton (played by ATPollard) : Topman

Daws (NPC) : Topman

Other Characters:

(Brevet) Major General Sir Charles William Wilson, RE. (NPC): Director General of the Ordinance Survey. Substantive rank of Colonel.

Major James Fellows (NPC): Adjutant to the Director, Royal Ordinance Survey

Lance Sgt Charley C. Charley (NPC): clerk to Major Fellows

Color Sgt Dennis (NPC): Royal Marine, possibly Up to No Good

Cmd Sgt Major Veers (NPC): in charge of O.S. guard contingent at Director's House

Joseph and Mary Carson (NPCs): parents of Sgt Bill Carson; own bookshop in Southhampton

Miss Dani Smithers (NPC): sister of Corporal John Smithers; manages Prof. Jones's factory/warehouse in Southhampton

[Is this thread intended for re-copying character sheets from the PC List, in more orderly fashion? If so, and y'all want to start posting your character sheets in this thread, I'll make links from this page to them.]

* ROFL! I was wondering why some of you were referring to my character as Gibson rather than Carson, and here is it my own mistake right here on this page! (fixed now)
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Old February 10th, 2014, 03:18 AM
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Unnamed Topman #1 Jeb
Unnamed Topman #2
Unnamed Engineer

McPhee, Iain, Lt, RE. (Correction) Cartographer, Ordinance Survey Representative. (He's not the first officer unless McPerth assigns him as such. He is in charge of the gunners on paper.)

(Brevet) Major General Sir Charles William Wilson, RE. Director General of the Ordinance Survey. Substantive rank of Colonel.
~ Aramis /trav
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Count Gorod (REFT 1302)
Count of the Third Imperium (SPIN 2232)
Viscount of Adabicci (SPIN 1824)
Marquis of the Solomani Rim (SOLO 0606)
Marquis of the Third Imperium (SPIN 2410)
Baron of the Third Imperium (SPIN 2231)
Knight of the Iridium Throne (CORE 1434)
Sir William Hostman (OLDE 0512)
Sir William Hostman (DAGU 0622)
Knight of Deneb (REFT 2239)
Knight of Deneb (Spin 2532)
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TAS: Bearer (DAIB 1326)
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Old February 10th, 2014, 11:04 AM
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Dr. thank you.
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