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Old January 16th, 2014, 05:55 PM
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Default Approved PC list

I'm editing the heck out of these at the moment. I'll be consolidating each character down to one post, then tablizing the PC

please post completed character below.


Maj. James Fellowes
Career 1 Army Artillery
Career 2 Army Engineer

Strength 3
_ fisticuffs 2
_ throwing 2
_ close combat 2 (sword)
Agility 3
_ stealth 2
_ Marksmanship 2 (Pistol)
_ Mechanics 1 (machinist)
Endurance 3
_ Wilderness Travel 2 (Mapping)
_ Swimming 1
Intellect 4
_ Observation 3
_ Engineering 3 (Earthworks)
_ Gunnery 1 (machinegun)
_ Surveyor 1
Charisma 3
_ Eloquence 2
Social Level 4
_ Riding 2 (Horse)
_ Leadership 4

Issue pistol
Issue sword
Field Glasses

At Home
Cricket bats & uniforms.

Slightly Graying, the Major is a noted bowler, and a direct assistant to the Director-General of the Ordinance Survey.
~ Aramis /trav
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Viscount of Adabicci (SPIN 1824)
Marquis of the Solomani Rim (SOLO 0606)
Marquis of the Third Imperium (SPIN 2410)
Baron of the Third Imperium (SPIN 2231)
Knight of the Iridium Throne (CORE 1434)
Sir William Hostman (OLDE 0512)
Sir William Hostman (DAGU 0622)
Knight of Deneb (REFT 2239)
Knight of Deneb (Spin 2532)
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MCG - Battle of Boughene
TAS: William Hostman (CORR 2506)
TAS: Bearer (DAIB 1326)
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Old January 17th, 2014, 06:32 AM
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Henri DuBois PhD

Str 3Agl 4End 2
Fisticuffs 2
Swimming 2
Throwing 1
Marksmanship 1
- Pistol
- Rifle
- Bow
Stealth 3
Wilderness travel (foraging) 1
Int 5Cha 3Soc 4
Observation 6
-Biology 6
-Chemistry 3
-Physics 3
-Geology 3
-Archaeology 3
- Structural 2
- Naval Arch 1
- Explosives 1
- Earthworks 1
Eloquence 2
Linguistics 4
-French as native language
-English 4
-Latin 2
-German 2
-Koine Greek 2
- Horse 4
- other 2
Wound Data
Unc 2
Dying 5

Science 1

Prec. Mach.
Power Prod.

Steamer trunk
4 changes of clothes. 2 business, one sporting, one formal.
Conklin's Atlas of the Worlds.
Edison's Encyclopedia of General Information.
KJV Holy Bible

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Old January 17th, 2014, 07:44 AM
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Rory McBean: Inventor (former RN officer):

Str: 4
  • Fisticuffs: 3
  • Throwing: 2
  • Close Cbt (edged): 2
  • Trimsman: -
Agl: 5
  • Stealth: 4
  • Crime: -
  • Marksmanship (rifle): 2
  • Mechanics (steam): 4
End: 2
  • Wilderness Travel (mapping): 1
  • Fieldcraft: -
  • Tracking; -
  • Swimming: 1
Int: 6
  • Observation: 5
  • Engineering (Structural engineering): 2
  • Science (physics): 4
  • Gunnery: -
Chr: 1
  • Eloquence: -
  • Theatrics: -
  • Bargaining: -
  • Linguistics: -
Soc: 3
  • Riding (horse): 2
  • Piloting (airship1): 1
  • Leadership: 1
  • Medicine: -
Wound Data
Unc 3
Dying 6
  • Ether: 12
  • Precision machinery: 29
  • Electricity: 5
  • Power production: 8
  • Transportation: 6
  • Biochemistry: 8
  • Combustion: 5
  • Geology/metallurgy: 6
  • Ether propeller: reliability 5
  • Ethrometer: reliability 4
  • Solar boiler: reliability 5
  • Orrery: reliability 4
  • Inertial Compass: reliability 1

Note 1: as told elsewhere, a true Brit will not call it a Zeppelin

  • Conklin's Atlas of the Worlds and Handy Manual of Useful Information: 1 shilling
  • Edison's Encyclopedia of General Information: 1 shilling
  • The Millwright's Companion and Handy-Book: 8 shillings

  • Axe: 2 shillings
  • Tools, Instrument marker: 7 pounds
  • Tools, metalworker: 6 pounds

Clothing (3 sets each):
  • Foul weather: 30 shillings
  • Rought-living: 3 pounds

  • Knife (in his sock, as good Scottish): 1 shilling
  • 12-Gauge Lever Action shotgun: 5 pounds
  • Heavy revolver: 2 pounds

Several cases of scottish whisky

Ship: the Higlands Pride (either Aramis' design or mine).

Total cost (ship excluded) is 25 3/-, so he has 324 17/- remaining...

Born in Scotland, he’s son of a long lived military tradition in his family. Most his family has served in the Argylls (Argyll and Southlanders regiment).

Being more technically oriented than people oriented, he decided against family tradition to join the Royal Navy. The only reason his father allowed that was his elder brother was already in the Argylls.

In the Navy, his skills were recognized, but he was not a liked officer. His aloof personality and the fact he never learned when to shut up led him to frequent problems with his superiors, ship changes and few friends. After some years, he left the Navy and committed himself fully to his research.


He’s strongly loyal to the Queen, both by family tradition and conviction. He sees with some contempt those not lucky enough to be British, while he is condescending with those of European origin (about US citizens, he sees them as rebel colonists who should be led again to the right way of the Crown). He will nonetheless respect those who show intelligence.

He’s absolutely machine minded, being more at ease among machinery than among people. Of course, that makes him not too good a company in social events…


He’s heavy built and red-haired and breaded. He doesn’t care too much about his look, usually seeming even uncaring. He uses to dress with traditional Scottish clothing and to wear a kilt with his clan’s tartan, making no attention to any comment this may arouse.


Genrated under the assigning attributes rules.

Is there a reason for the inventor's engineering skill being specifically in Naval Architecture?
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David W. Lawton
2-career reporter for the Cornishman
27 years old, Welshman from Cardiff, interested in bringing the knowledge of the Solar System to his fellow Welshmen.

Str 2 Agl 5 End 2 Int 5 Cha 4 Soc 3
Reporter - 1st and 2nd term
Observation 3 Theatrics 3 Eloquence 4 Linguistics 2 Marksmanship 2 (Pistols) Wilderness Travel 1 Riding 1 Stealth 3 Bargaining 1 Crime 2 (Lockpick)Throwing 0
Native Language English, French, German (Unless I can take a Venusian language)
300 pounds sterling minus:
Carbide lantern (1s), Foul Weather Clothing (8s), 2 sets rough clothing (2L), Light Revolver and 72 bullets (20s), Portable Camera (4L), Portable Photo Lab (7L)
Member #5, Bring Back T5 in LBBs.

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Old February 3rd, 2014, 03:31 PM
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Here he is complete and ready to go, with a name (Sergeant William Carson), personal history, and a few changes to skills from what I submitted last night. Please let me know if any changes are suggested or required.

################################################## ############

Sergeant William Henry Carson, British Army (Infantry, Hampshire Regiment)

Human Male, Age 29 (born 2 Feb 1857, Southhampton, Hampshire, England)

Stats: 4-5-3-5-2-2

Strength: 4
Fisticuffs: 4
Throwing: 2
Close Combat:
_ Pole-arm: 2
_ Edged: 1
_ Blunt: 1
Agility: 5
Stealth: 4
_ Rifle/Shotgun: 4
_ Pistol: 2
_ Bow: 2
_ Machinist: 2
_ Steam: 1
_ Electricity: 1
Endurance: 3
Wilderness Travel:
_ Foraging: 2
_ Mapping: 2
_ Mountaineering: 1
Fieldcraft: 3
Swimming: 1
Intellect: 5
Observation: 4
_ Naval Architecture: 0
_ Structural: 0
_ Fortification: 2
_ Explosives: 2
_ MG/HRC: 3
Charisma: 2
Eloquence: 1
Social Level: 2
_ Horse: =1
Leadership: 1
_ Medicine:
Wound Data
Unc 3
Dying 7
Science 1
Prec. Mach.
Power Prod.


Default skills from Stats: Fist 3, Throw 2, Stealth 4, WT(Forage) 2, Swim 1, Obsrv 4, Eloquence 1, Riding 1

Career Skills: British Army NCO (Infantry): CloseCbt 1, WT 1 (Forage), Mks 1 (Rifle), Leadership 1, Mks 1 (Rifle), Fieldcraft 2, Fieldcraft 1 (Afghan campaign) 4

General Skill Points (6): Gunner 3 (MG/HRC) (1.5 pt), Mechanics 2 (Machinist) (1 pt), Mks 2 (Rifle) (1 pt), CloseCbt 1 (1 pt), Fist 1 (1 pt), Engr 1 (Exp) (0.5 pt)

Derived Cascade Skills: Pistol 2, Bow 2, Steam 1, Elec 1,

Areas for Desired Improvement In-Game: Obsvn, CloseCbt, Explosives, Linguistics, Gunnery, Machinist


Sandy hair, blue eyes, fair skin, and freckles mark Bill Carson as a typical Hampshire boy. His slender build conceals hidden strength and quickness. After 10 years in military service, he is most comfortable in uniform. If in civilian clothes, it will be simple work clothes, unless more formality is required, in which case he will be uncomfortable in unfamiliar clothing.

He is quite shy unless he is conversing about something related to his profession or interests, or when he is in a command role as NCO over men assigned to him. His shyness masks a keen intellect and intense interest in things related to his profession.

Personal History:

William Henry Carson was born 2 Feb 1857 in Southhampton, Hampshire, England. His father owned a small bookshop and also did custom bookbindery and restorations. Bill had formal schooling only up to the age of 10, after which he educated himself during slack times working in the family bookshop. He especially loved history and geography and stories of the far reaches of the British Empire. As the third son in a family with five children, his prospects in the family business were poor, and accordingly he enlisted as a Private in the 37th Hampshire Infantry Regiment of the British Army at the age of 19 (1876).

Two years after signing up, Bill was sent off to Afghanistan with the rest of his regiment to fight in the Second Afghan War (1878-1880). Bill's fighting spirit in that war and ability to rally the men around him earned him a promotion to Corporal. In 1881 Bill's regiment was reorganized and merged with the 67th Hampshire Infantry to form the new Hampshire Regiment, with regimental headquarters and barracks at Winchester.

In 1885 the Hampshire Regiment was sent to fight in the Third Burma War. Near the end of the conflict, Bill's company was assigned to defend a temporary fortified camp, along with one of the regiment's four batteries of the new Hotchkiss Rotating Cannon. Attacked by a strong enemy force, the fort was on the verge of being overrun and actually had enemy irregulars inside the parade ground, when Bill took over one of the HRCs which was out of action due to crew casualties and used it to rout the enemy mob and send them running. Bill then rallied the troops on his portion of the camp wall and drove the rest of the enemy out of the camp and back into the jungle, demoralized and fleeing for their lives. Partially as a result of that exploit, Bill was promoted to Sergeant. Now back home in England again, the regiment is recruiting and training new men to replenish its losses, and Sergeant William Carson has been ordered on detached duty with an Ordinance Survey expedition to the planet Venus.


Dress uniform including red tunic with white facing
Boots and leggings
Full field pack and harness
Lee-Metford .303 Bolt Action Rifle
Bayonet for rifle (scabbarded on belt)

Inside/Outside Field Pack (or carried on belt):
- two khaki uniforms (one tropical)
- 80 pounds in cash 5
- standard canteen
- two spare magazines for rifle (scavenged while on campaign in Burma)
- standard field load of rifle ammunition
- bedroll
- entrenching tool
- three days preserved field rations
- Holy Bible, KJV
- book of selected plays of Shakespeare
- book, "A Tale of Two Cities", Charles Dickens
Fn 1: Standard Close Combat skill for Infantry using rifle with bayonet

Fn 2: I reduced Bill's Explosives skill to 1. This let me use the extra 1/2 skill point to raise his Gunnery to 3, which seemed more appropriate for his assigned duty on this expedition. Also, reducing Explosives to 1 eliminated the default cascade of other Engineer skills, which I felt did not belong with this character.

Fn 3: As stated above, raised skill to 3. Choice of specialization depends on what guns he is assigned to use aboard ship; from McPerth's design, this appears to be a pair of 6-pdr HRCs.

Fn 4: Added 1 level of Fieldcraft per my understanding of notes on p.95 of Soldier's Companion that veterans of the 37th Infantry Regiment gain a bonus of 1 to Fieldcraft. If this is incorrect, then Bill's Fieldcraft level is only 2.

Fn 5: Bill's starting fortune; have not yet deducted for books carried in his pack or other gear to be bought in-game.

################################################## ############
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Name: Emil Tunnaud

Age: 28.

Anarchist (Soc 3-, Agl 5 +)
Engineer (Soc 4-, Int 4+)

Strength 2
fisticuffs 1
throwing 1
close combat
— edged 1
Agility 5
stealth 3
Crime 2 (Lockpick)
Mechanics 3
— steam 3
— Electricity 1
— Machinist 1
Endurance 2
Wilderness Travel
— mountaineering 1
Intellect 5
Observation 6
— explosives 5
— earthworks 2
— Naval Arch. 2
— Structural 2
— Physics 2
Charisma 2
_ Eloquence 2
_ Theatrics 1
_ Linguistics 1 (French Native, English 1)
Social Level 2
_ Riding 1 (horse)
Wound Data
Unc 2
Dying 4
Criminal 1 (in france)
Prec. Mach.
Power Prod.


Case of Dynamite (100 sticks)
Steamer Trunk
Set of Lockpicks
Townsman clothes (Free outfit)
Rough Living Suit
Welding Kit

Att rolls: (1d6)[1](1d6)[3](1d6)[1](1d6)[3](1d6)[2](1d6)[2]Due to low rolls, raising to 18 total.

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