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Old September 14th, 2014, 08:31 PM
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Default Robots and Synthetics in the Third Imperium

T5 has components devoted to both robots and synthetics. The use of robots is considered if not well documented for the 3I (and been of some debate in Robots of the Imperial Army )

This topic relates to the Common History & Culture thread, but could be a distraction there as it only relates to part of what creates the culture of an peoples or empire.

So where do these things fit in? How prevalent are they at different tech levels? At what point does a world go from seeing lots of dumbots used in manufacturing to domestics cleaning the home, to robot vehicles tied into automated traffic systems: think some of the scenes from the movies Minority Report or the original Total Recall here.

When do synthetics become commonplace? When are there enough of them that their presence needs to be considered as a social element and not just a technical curiosity? When do they present a legal challenge to society? The B3 p504-505 lists Artificial Persons on the TL16 line, Effective cloning & Forced Growth at TL13, Geneering at TL14, Biologics at TL13, Wafer Tech at TL13, and Self Aware computing at TL14. Do we start to see squadrons of synthetic engineering and gunnery operators in coldsleep (the good stuff, not some of the dodgy low tech freezer boxes that were debated here) for TL15 Imperial reserve vessels in mothballs at Depot systems after a certain point? At TL15 would the IISS say to a scout they put on detached service "Hey bud, here's an old Type S for you to scoot about it, but so you don't break it we're going to include this Syntheic, Harvey, to maintain it for you. Don't break it/him/her either..."?

There will be multiple possibilities and variations for YTU's, but what exists for the OTU? What would fit in with the OTU?

Note for the moderators: I wasn't sure if this was a better fit for Ships Locker, T5, or Lone Star, or some other location.
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