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Old August 27th, 2007, 05:09 PM
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"101 Robots" Grouped by function, sub-grouped by tech-level. Should include "classic" ship-bots ala Star Wars. I'd expect the basic design rules to be in the core rule books.

"Adventure Vessels" A goodly number of vessels with deck plans (maybe the latter on CD) from a variety of tech levels and hopefully with a good "used ship section" with modifications, financing, problems for the unsuspecting, etc.

"Military Units" An overview of various complete TOE for many TLs and force composition doctrines. Equipment and vehicle information in the back. It would include sections/discussion of various planetary and spaced based forces.

"Homeworlds" Take the 15 or so classification found in Space Opera say, and expand on them. Have 2 dozen of so general types of homeworlds, the minimum TL to survive on them, basic skills of such inhabitants (by TL), and at least one example map (could be on CD) of each world type and the system it is in.

"101 Starports" Love 'em, need 'em. Maps on CD probably, a broad overview of types. Must include frontier ports/sprawling choatic ports where all sorts of skulduggery can happen. Would include jump point ports, high ports, down ports, refueling stations, etc.

"Aliens: Sector General" Descriptions and game stats of the aliens in Jame White's Sector General Series.

"Aliens: Dosadai" Descriptions and game stats of the aliens in Frank Herbert's Whipping Star/Dosadai, etc. Series.

"Aliens: Known Space" Descriptions and game stats of the aliens in Larry Niven and Jerry Pournell's Know Space Series.

"Aliens: Uplift" Descriptions and game stats of the aliens in David Brin's Uplift Series.

"Aliens: Chanur" Descriptions and game stats of the aliens in CJ Cheryll's Chanur Series.

Others. "Aliens: Babylon 5"; "Aliens: Star Wars" etc.

Could do the same thing with starships, e.g., "Starships: Known Space"

Would include universe maps and differences, campaig ideas, ship ideas.. Would probably need to buy alien book to have a complete setting.

Settings I'd like to see:
Known Space
Ringworld (so big it has to be stand alone)
Babylon 5
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