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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old November 23rd, 2015, 04:08 PM
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Default Ships of the Fleet-Fleet Picket

Here is a ship that would very much needed by any fleet operating in theatre and not to have enough of these ships (given the realities of no long distance sensors or communications--ok you could have long range lenses but they would tell you what happened years ago not right now in neary by systems) a fleet commander could find himself in a world of hurt.

I revised the ship, to give it some defenses (Meson Screens and Nuc Dampers with 4 batteries of sandcasters) and give hardpoint assignments to the drone control room and the Info-Intel Room. But this required to remove 2 drones and to reduce M-drive to 1 G. It still can do a Gas Giant refuel, but needs to be careful about it.

Ship: Guardian
Class: Guardian
Type: Fleet Picket
Architect: C Bates
Tech Level: 15

UQ-A1518J1-054400-00000-0 MCr 1,326.530 1 KTons
Bat Bear 4 Crew: 30
Bat 4 TL: 15

Cargo: 8 Crew Sections: 1 of 30 Fuel: 580 EP: 80 Agility: 0
Craft: 6 x 10T XRD-15b Recon Drone s
Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops and On Board Fuel Purification
Backups: 1 x Model/2bis Computer

Architects Fee: MCr 11.780 Cost in Quantity: MCr 1,090.924

Detailed Description
(High Guard Design)

1,000.000 tons standard, 14,000.000 cubic meters, Needle/Wedge Configuration

Pilot, Navigator, 5 Engineers, Medic, 12 Gunners, 9 Additional Crew (User Defined)

Jump-5, 1G Manuever, Power plant-8, 80.000 EP, Agility 0

Bridge, Model/9fib Computer
1 Model/2bis Backup Computer

8 Hardpoints


8 Triple Sandcaster Turrets organised into 4 Batteries (Factor-5), Nuclear Damper (Factor-4), Meson Screen (Factor-4)

6 10.000 ton XRD-15b Recon Drone s (Crew of 0, Cost of MCr 24.750)

580 Tons Fuel (5 parsecs jump and 28 days endurance)
On Board Fuel Scoops, On Board Fuel Purification Plant

16 Staterooms, 8 Tons Cargo

1 Intel Info Room (35.000 tons, Crew 5, 10.000 Energy Points, Cost MCr 230.000, requires 1 Hardpoint), 1 Senor Drone Control Room (10.000 tons, Crew 4, 2.000 Energy Points, Cost MCr 10.000, requires 1 Hardpoint)

MCr 1,189.810 Singly (incl. Architects fees of MCr 11.780), MCr 942.424 in Quantity, plus MCr 148.500 of Carried Craft

120 Weeks Singly, 96 Weeks in Quantity

There are the eyes of any Fleet. They are sent out to all the near by systems
where a fleet is positioned to sit and recon. They are tasked in teams of two,
where one ship return to the fleet with info and reports (and resupplies and
returns to its partner) and the other stays and watches. When a picket does
not return on its scheudle time, a sizeable well armed force is often sent to

Each ship has 8x XRD-15b Recon Drone--which can stay operational for 28
days and will return to the ship for refueling and inspection. The ship has an
operations and control room for the drones. The ship also has an intellegence
info control room that collects and processes the intell from the senor drones
and the ships active and passive sensors.

Guardian Class Fleet Picket

Hull: 0.000 Td; MCr 120.000
Armour Factor-0: 0.000 Td; MCr 0.000

M-Drive Factor-1: 20.000 Td; MCr 30.000
J-Drive Factor-5: 60.000 Td; MCr 240.000
P-Plant Factor-8: 80.000 Td; MCr 240.000; +80.000 EP

P-Fuel: 80.000 Td; MCr 0,000
J-Fuel: 500.000 Td; MCr 0.000
Scoops: 0.000 Td; MCr 1.000
Purification: 3.000 Td; MCr 0.030
L-Hyd Drop Tanks: 0.000 Td; MCr 0.000

Bridge: 20.000 Td; MCr 5.000
Computer Model/9fib: 26.000 Td; MCr 200.000; -12 EP
1 x Backup Computer Model/2bis: 2.000 Td; MCr 18.000

8 x Sand Turrets: 8.000 Td; MCr 6.000

Nuclear Damper Factor-4: 8.000 Td; MCr 30.000; -40.000 EP
Meson Screen Factor-4: 16.000 Td; MCr 40.000; -8.000 EP

6 x XRD-15b Recon Drone : 60.000Td; MCr 0.000; Cost of craft: MCr 148.500

16.0 x Staterooms: 64.000 Td; MCr 8.000
Cargo: 8.000 Td; MCr 0.000

1 x Intel Info Room: 35.000 Td; MCr 230.000; -10.000 EP
1 x Senor Drone Control Room: 10.000 Td; MCr 10.000; -2.000 EP

Last edited by CliffBates; November 24th, 2015 at 05:21 PM.. Reason: correcting some errors and adding more detail
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