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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old June 5th, 2017, 06:08 PM
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Originally Posted by kilemall View Post
I strongly disagree WarWizard as the base course of the missile is known, having to head towards the target ship even if it is a standoff detlaser/casaba howitzer/shotgun debris type weapon, and also far less power is required to destroy it, allowing for a greater amount of multishots to fill up the spherical volume of potential maneuver.
yes, but it really does take thousands of shots to cover it with fire, the traditional 150 MW input one shot every 3 minutes laser turret is not going to provide that, even if you increase it's rate of fire as allowed in the FF&S rule sets. You need a dedicated system that is indeed only minimally powered, perhaps 1.707 M/W per emitter, but 50 to 100 laser emitters in a 1 ton turret, all grav focused with an effective range of only 30,000 km. For longer range you have to mount fewer emitters due to limitations on surface area. I'm assuming the tac officer can reroute power to the lasers for final protective fire.

100 lasers firing 1000 shots per 30 min, = 100,000/1800 to give 55.55 shots per second
1.707 MW times 100 emitters per turret...170.7 MW. that's about 1/3 the power needed for a triple beam laser installation. for the high guard folks, that's 1 EP for three such turrets.

Now a clever officer might take a full power anti ship laser and detune the focusing so the penetration energy is derated to only 1 DV, but the spot size becomes perhaps a meter or so in diameter, giving perhaps a 20% chance to hit per shot, just a thought.

Now the original posting was for flykiller to include dedicated communications elements in his fleet structure so that scout's could report enemy contacts into an information network, removing the need for the scout ships to know where the fleet will be. As the scout ships are most easily captured by military forces, or suborned by sophont intelligence services, this is a perhaps telling strategic capability.
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