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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old July 25th, 2009, 03:19 AM
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Default Current effort

Here's a look at a very early stage of what I'm working on now, a free trader based on the hero plans, which really can be used for any traveller game...

This is a screencap of my blender screen as I was doing a look-over of the current project, so if you're curious about what blender looks like, this is how I use it. The 4 screens are a little larger than normal as I squeezed down the bottom info screen to give the max size to the 4 views.

It's not an exact copy of the hero blueprints, those had some problems but at least were easier to model than the regular ft, one of which I'm still working on now that profnull's helped me a bit.

As to a justification of the ship, suppose she's a swordworlder version of the free trader?

I was thinking she could be a SW version and that would be why the blueprints had so many reaction control nozzles on her, the SWs wanted a ship optimized for manual control by a skilled pilot.

The cockpit looks a little narrow by imperial FT standards, it's due to the SWs placing the pilot "front and center" in the cockpit, with the navigator/engineering stations behind and to the sides of him as they don't require as wide a view, in the Sws opinion.

The array of extra control thrusters gives a regular pilot very little extra control actually. If the ship is being flown manually by an extremely skilled pilot it mi8ght gain a minor bonus.

In all reality, the SW variant has little actual advantage over a stock beowulf at all. Only a truly skilled pilot will get any increased performance from her, and then only a slight one. Also the extra control thrusters add about 25K to the ship's cost.

The SWs seem to like this ship simply because it is a SW design, and looks cooler than a stock imperium FT.

If the players own one, they may get a tiny bonus on manual controlled flight if the pilot is of maximum practically achievable skill in the system you're using. Also, a minor bonus could be had from the fact that swordworlder crews tend to fight to the death rather than surrender, and have been known s to suicidally ram attacking pirates. If a PC group is usung a SW version of the FT, there is a very small chance that if a pirate vessel attacks them it may, upon closing to range that allows it to visually ascertain that the FT they're attacking is a SW model, break off the attack for fear of being rammed or having such a tough boarding action it just wouldn't be worth it.

I plan to try "skinning" this ship, I.E. applying textures and such to make it look real. Wish me luck.

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