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Old April 17th, 2019, 04:19 PM
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Babylon Project Episode 10: Of Powers and Principalities

Episode opens up with Zadora and Cortas trying to obtain incriminating information on Ko D’ath, a conversation where they are lead to believe that potentially illicit drugs are being dealt and handled. As best as they can they try to follow the aide without drawing attention to themselves, finds the Ambassadorial aide in another meeting in an airlock. Zadora and Cortas pursuit is cut short when a tragic malfunction leads to the airlock decompressing and flushing the occupants out into space, our heroes decide that it best not to be found anywhere near the airlock and depart the area.

Meanwhile Femi finds himself recovering from another black out, in front of a computer terminal, a quick check shows he was trying to access station security for unknown reasons, concerned Femi makes his way to finding someone else on the crew before anything else happens. Noah is in a bar waiting for an old friend to appear with some information that he has requested but the friend is a no show, letting his mood get the better with him he ends up in a fight with a Narn, luckily the only thing that got hurt was Noah’s ego.

The party all make their way back to the dock to head for the Jacaranda, but any plans on returning are ruined when Londo is informed by Vir that Soran is on the station booking passage for Narn. Cortas makes a plan to get aid from Londo Mollari in stopping Soran from leaving for Narn and asks Zadora to hand all the info they got to G’kar, The party splits Femi following Cortas and Noah following Zadora. Despite the attempts of Zadora and Noah they are unable to get hold of G’kar, Zadora uses the time to finalize some business arrangements of transporting some Narn Breen to Earth to sell. Cortas meeting with Londo explodes in Landas face, the actions of Landas have been heard all the way back on the home world and Soran family members have pulled strings. Londo gives very clear instructions on how he expects Landas to act.

The group meet up again to discuss the setback they have incurred but Landas catches a break, he sees G’kar and decides to talk to him there and then, despite the unusual circumstances G’kar seems receptive to what Londo has to say. The party make their way back to the Jacaranda and Zadora announces his plans to go to Earth and see his new cargo, Femi decides to veto this when he dumps the cargo into deep space ad sets course for the planet that Dr Hendricks gave the co-ordinates for. Meanwhile Cortas finds that his money issues have been solved for now and Noah finds out he wasn’t stood up, the friend that he planned on meeting was killed on Babylon 5. Zadora is unable to discuss his disagreement fully with Femi as Femi asks a favour of Zadora involving himself and a airlock.

Babylon Project Episode 11: In Shadow of a Dying Star

Our tale opens up with Femi in the airlock of the Jacaranda, Zadora initially hesitated but has at Femi request opened the airlock doors to the vacuum of hyper-space. Zadora summons the crew to gather so he can advise of the recent development, the initial upset shown by Landas especially in not being kept appraised in the recent events leads to the adsence of Noah Malone from being properly commented on.

It is only later that the absence of Malone is brought to the attention of Landas, who promptly organizes a search of the ship and has the securicam footage of the ship reviewed in an attempt to pinpoint the location.

Fir Jaddo notifies Landas that all evidence points to Noah being in his quarters, Landas leads a group into the quarters upset as he advises Fir that they the quarters were checked and no presence was found being sarcastic asks “I guess he is hiding in the toilet then?”, which leads to Du’Gar finding an unconscious Malone.

Malone condition and the fact that they have lost a crew member forces the ship to report what has happened and seek medical aid. Fortunately they are in Centauri Space and won’t have to explain the death of Femi to Psi Corps immediately.

Landas argues it would be best to go for as much disclosure to the authorities as possible but machinations behind the scenes lead to Landas and Zadora having to defend their actions in the Centauri courts.

Meanwhile the Doctor, a Dr Derrick Turner, that has seen to Malone condition reveals that he is not just a doctor, advising other shipowners in a more quieter moment that he has purchased shares of the ship though the bank, causing a situation for Zadora on how much to reveal to the good Doctor.

The trial concludes with Jacaranda impounded and the crew given a year to acquire 20 million credits or lose all rights to their beloved ship!

This concludes what we are calling our first season story arc.
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Old April 21st, 2019, 08:28 AM
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LandasCortas Citizen

Ok caught a wee error in the episode 10 write up Of Powers and Principalities

I had written that "despite the unusual circumstances G'kar seems receptive to what Londo has to say." The Londo should have been Landas.
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Old April 23rd, 2019, 02:41 PM
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LandasCortas Citizen

So to ensure that we are up to date recaps on the latest episode slash sessions.

Babylon Project Episode 12: Divide et Impera

The crew of the Jacaranda find themselves without their Captain as he has attempted to gain support and aid in resolving the situation from his resources in Earth Alliance space. Leaving a poor Landas Cortas in charge of a bleak situation by process of elimination as Noah is still in a unresponsive state and the new addition to the crew Dr Derrick Turner is taking care of him.
Landas tries his best to keep the other crew members from splitting but is thankful when Noah apparently makes a full recovery and is able to give a driving force to resolving the situation. In a full crew meeting Landas explains that something was iffy with the results and all but admits that he pulled strings to get a good result in their favour, someone had to have done the same. While some of the crew expects that Landas will call on the aid of Londo, Landas decides to get everyone involved in investigating the situation from multiple avenues of approach.
Eventually it is found that the person that interfered was the EarthGov Consul to Beta 2, a woman called Karen that Noah seems to recognise when pictures are shown, he reveals that his and her marriage ended up in a disaster and there seems to be a tendency for matters to get out of hand when they cross paths.
Based on this information Dr Turner decides help in trying to talk Karen down from the situation, Landas tags along as a escort, in a private discussion between Karen and the good Doctor he is able to persuade her to rectify her actions. She persuades the Centauri court that the matter should be handled at a more neutral location due multiple interests involved with this incident involving a Earth Alliance registered ship, with a multiple species crew and an incident potentially in Centauri Space but who could be sure.
The Jacaranda is ordered back to Babylon 5 with a few Centauri Gendarme on board to ensure the crew don't fly somewhere else. The wait before their trial results in a lot of free time for the crew. Miana Vesa has to deal with the affections or two men at once, Noah tries to get friendly with security, the doctor lends his services to the station medical lab and Landas makes contact with Vir and Londo. After his meeting with Londo, Landas finds that G'kar wants to talk to him now.

Babylon Project Episode 13: Issues of Legalities

Zadora has arrived back at the station with good news, his connections are willing to sweep everything under the rug if a mission is down in retrieving a certain artefact of import.
Meanwhile Landas and Dr Turner have received offers of jobs from different sources, G'kar is expecting Landas to turn up info on a incident involving Delenn, whereas Dr Turner is asked for aid in transporting a biological sample from planet in Centauri Space, both of them offer money. Discussion about what actions to take happens, Turner calls Landas out on his interactions with the Narns but Landas doesn't go into detail about his dealing. The crew make preparation to go on the mission that Zadora has been given, confident that their absence and time away from the station will not be highlighted, while this happens Turner tries to gain info on what happened with Delenn but is only able to confirm a time of potential incident in the medical lab. Landas forwards on this info with his regrets that he is unable to get any more without exposing himself and G'kar but offers reparations for his failure.
The group find themselves on a Earth Alliance ship that is on “manoeuvres” when it stops over the planet that Zadora contacts want him to go down on to. It is then revealed that the object they are retrieving is The Eye, a symbol of the Cenaturi Emperors that has been lost for a 100 or so years.
Landas makes plans with Fir to ensure that if anything happens that elements of the Centauri government know that The Eye may have been found.
The crew land on the planet, Zadora sponsor has ensured that their transport is guarded by Earth Alliance Marines while the group trek into the Jungle, they come across their destination a archaeological camp nestled amongst some ruins, walking around the perimeter is some form of automata that is still moving about, watching the movements of ancient robots the group head through a “window” in the patrols to find themselves walking into an ambush of creatures native to the Jungle, the crew dispatches the creatures with minimal injury.
They rush into the camp before their window closes and start to search, they come across the remains of a Brakiri, and when they check the last but largest tent they discover they are not alone there another automate in that tent but also one life form, a Minbari.
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Old May 22nd, 2019, 05:12 PM
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LandasCortas Citizen

Babylon Project Episode 14: Eye of the Lion

Before anything can be done to ascertain the Minbari intention the group discover one of the ancient automata in the tent with them. A firefight ensues with the members of the crew flinging themselves out of the way of the heavy fire-power and returning fire when they can. The fight ends when the Minbari uses the group as a distraction to sneak up and gain the killing blow on the robot.
After searching the tent and talking to Lannon, the mysterious Minbari, advises them that he was chasing after a Techno Mage and it is possible that the item they are looking for may be with him.
The group heads on in pursuit and eventually catches up with the Techno Mage, while Lannon is willing to fight the other are hesitant and finally persuade him not to take any action as long as a certain artefact that the Mage has taken is returned. The group also finds The Eye.
Mission completed the group head back to the shuttle and the Earth Alliance ship takes them back, Zadora contacts are waiting for the eye, there is a tense moment when Landas seems hesitant to hand The Eye over to someone else.
The group find themselves back on Babylon 5 in front of the Judge who advises that all previous charges have been dropped, but it clear that the Judge is suspicious of what has happened to bring about such an event.
Landas sends word that The Eye has been located to Vir Cotto, the group return Lannon to his people on Babylon 5 but find that their actions have resulted him owing a life debt that must be resolved. The crew of the Jacaranda find themselves with a new crew mate.

Babylon Project Episode 15: Where the Lion Fell

Dr Turner reveals to the group that he has been offered a job to retrieve a biological specimen from Centauri Space. The pay is good bur details will not be revealed until the group confirms they are taking the job. Looking to put the recent incidents behind them the group agrees to take the job, they are advised that they will be attempting to retrieve a Na'ka'leen Feeder.
Landas reveals he can't give a lo of info himself about the creatures but they are dangerous to the point the Centauri abandoned the colony they had placed on the creatures home planet and maintain a strict quarantine over the planet but enlists the aid of his wife in getting all knowledge of the creature so as to aid in hunting one down.
The crew confident in their preparation head down on the shuttle and move off in the wilderness in an attempt to capture the Feeder, run into difficulties in that the Feeders are highly resistant to PPG fire ,can move a lot faster that anyone on the ground team could believe and are perfect ambush predators.
After a few dangerous close calls, the team beat a hasty retreat back to the shuttle which goes back to the Jacaranda. While the crew reassess their plan of action on how to capture a Feeder, screams are suddenly heard from the quarters of Malone, after an assessment of the injuries, the crew make a shocking discovery, a Na'ka'leen Feeder is already on the ship free to hunt the crew.

Babylon Project Episode 16: Hunters in the Night

The crew of the Jacaranda find themselves scatter all over the ship when the hunt for the intruder begins. The task is made more difficult the crew finds that power appears to go off and find that the doors are not locking. The crew is formed into groups in an attempt to track the alien down but also restore power. A nervous hunt begins,as the good Doctor decides to wake up the still recovering Malone by injecting him full of stims. The crew only appear to find traces of the alien but there is no definite sightings. The lights and power are restored, the team sent to Engineering advising that some material was blocking the reactor from getting the fuel it required. The light go out again but this time but this time it appears that a fuse box or the controls on the ring may have been attacked instead.
Noah leads a team into one of the gun turrets and before he can react he is attacked and stunned, Landas moves in pushing Noah to the rear and sees a tentacle darting into a air vent. The crew realising that alien has the ability to outmanoeuvre the crew decide to attack the problem by another, one group led by Zadora start to manually lock the rooms on the habitation ring, While the doctor, Malone and Landas decide to grab the gas that they had been making for a second attempt at capturing a feeder. The cannisters of gas are retrieved, masks are distributed amongst the crew and the air is filled with the Feeder knock out gas.
After a few tense moments the crew find 2 feeders in the ships that were knocked out by the gas, one of them is secured, the other is used by the doctor to further his research.
While the Jacaranda makes there way back, the doctor finds evidence of psychic ability in Malone and promises to make enquiries into a drug that might help repress the ability. On the other end of the ship Landas gets a call, a Mr Morden is wanting a favour, a item is to be picked up in hyperspace and brought onto B5, with assurances that everything is above board, Landas makes arrangements to pick up the item.
While the crew are handing over the feeder to Doctor Turner contacts, Landas is having a meeting Morden, Landas reveals that he knows what he was carrying and makes a deal with Morden that as Landas leaves the room, he is already wondering if he will regret his choice.
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Old July 19th, 2019, 03:02 PM
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Episode 17: Calm before the Storm

The story opens up with the crew of the Jacaranda finding themselves leaderless again as Zadora headed back to Earth to deal with crucial tax forms that needed his signature. After some discussion the idea is floated of visiting the coordinates that they were provided by Dr Hendricks, the concept of a previously undiscovered treasure is appealing to the others. Landas advises that everyone needs to settle their business at B5 before they head to Earth and pick Zadora along with the supplies that they need to make an expedition.

Doctor Turner finding himself on a ship full of aliens decides to get as much info of the other species on the ship and finds no issues getting hold of the medical knowledge needed for the Centauri and Narn crew members, complications arise when he tries to get info on Drazi biology from the Drazi embassy. Later during a conversation between the good Doctor and Freja, it comes about that he is actually a she and she has runaway from the family to fly shuttles. The young Drazi explains if it is found out she is female, they will take her back to her home world.

The doctor reveals his plan to Freja, if the Drazi expect there to be a Drazi Male he going to falsify and create some false identification for Freja that they can present when they have to, but he will need some Male Drazi DNA for the bio-metrics of the ID.

Meanwhile Landas and Noah are spending some time in the casino playing Ducati but find that themselves losing their money. As they are leaving the casino, Dr. Turner contacts them and asks if they can obtain a sample of male Drazi blood. Discussing the various ways to do this and legally, the decision is made to visit the Mutai ring.

This leads to a confrontation where Landas faces off against a Brakiri, Landas gets in one good hit before the Mutari provides a lesson in pain. Malone decides to take advantage of the situation and challenges a Drazi fighter he spots. The fight goes a lot smoother for Malone and finds he has collected the sample he needs with his fist.

The doctor starts his new project of falsifying Drazi records during which time Landas tries to talk about recent incidents that has made Landas wonder if there is something going on with Noah, before any accusation can be made they are interrupted by Freja who reveals their secret to the 2 clearly stunned ships owners.

The Doctor makes a communication to a Celes Refa and reveals that their previous arrangement is no longer working and he will longer spy on the Landas and his compatriots for her. Afterwards the Doctor makes his way to Landas’ room and tells him the truth. Landas in a rage demands the doctor to leave before he does something he may regret.

The Doctor then checks up on Noah and they go over their option for potentially dealing with the discovery that Noah may have Psychic abilities, they both make the decision to see if they can get access to drugs that may inhibit the newly awakened abilities.

The Jacaranda settles into orbit over Earth and while the crew starts to buy the equipment they may need, the Doctor finds Landas waiting at his door, Landas apologizes for his earlier outburst but reveals that he had a dream which if Centauri tradition is believed reveals the moment of death to a Centauri. He reveals that his potential death is only maybe a few years ahead in the future and he is afraid that Celes Refa may be one of the people involved in his eventual demise.

Episode 18: What once was , is once more

The crew make final preparations before leaving Earth to head for the co-ordinates of the world that Dr Hendricks gave to the crew as payment for their aid in helping some items to be smuggled on Babylon 5.

Each crew member secures the equipment or items they need for what they expect they will need on this expedition. Most of the ship owners but gear that be needed for what anyone would expect but Landas buys a Centauri Commodore’s Uniform and some fake ID cards to go with them.

While the Jacaranda is leaving jump space there is a moment where it appears that the ship was in danger. Initially there was much arguing between a certain Narn and Centauri crew members who will not be named about who fault it was that the ship was nearly ripped in two.

After being told to work together and figure out the issue Miana and Du’gar suggest that it wa slike the Jacaranda had been carrying excess weight. A short spacewalk outside leads to Landas, Malone and Zadora finding evidence that someone hitched a ride with the Jacaranda but with no evidence to suggest who it was.

The ship slowly makes it way to the planet and the crew get ready to go excavating, the first 2 spots have already excavated but during the search traces of Centauri excavations are found, it is during their flight to the last potential spot when they find that they are being challenged by a Centauri military broadcast. Landas uses the credentials he has obtained to allow the shuttle Firoro a safe landing, it is at this point he reveals he is impersonating a Commodore Refa.

When the Firoro arrives, the Centauri captain awaiting Landas and the rest of the group advises that the Commodore’s cousin is awaiting them inside.

Episode 19: Family Matter

In a flashback to the last trip to Earth, it is revealed that during Landas latest call to his wife, he was advised that certain young male of the Cotto family has run off with his girlfriend to Earth with the Intention to Elope.

A series of disastrous and questionable plans by Landas is made in an attempt to find the young couple, may strain Landas future relationships on the ship.

Please note if anyone is watching the adventures on youtube you will find that the Video is unavailable. Our sincere apologies. You just had to be there.
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Old August 31st, 2019, 12:40 PM
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Episode 20: Depths of Ambition

Committed to a course of action Landas continues the con of pretending to be Commodore Refa and is thankful to find out that young Refa in question has never met the true Commodore Refa and doesn't even know what he looks like. With some subtle persuading Landas has the young Lieutenant Refa▮ ake the crew on a tour of the ancient ruins, eventually leading to the locked vault door that Centauri science has been unable to crack.

There is moment of panic as an Lieutenant Janno seems to recognize Cortas, but without missing a beat Landas brushes past the Lieutenant in question advising there must be a case mistaken identity.

Zadora using his knowledge in regards to art and culture notices that the clue to opening the alien vault has been left in the artwork that adorns the walls. Leading to vault opening for the first time in Millennia.

Landas makes orders for the vault to be emptied as soon as possible, as he is concerned that the real Commodore Refa might turn up.

Doctor Turner meanwhile has been gathering intelligence on the size of the garrison and the layout of the camp and relays the information back to the other members of the crew.

Cortas has the young Refa escort him to the Jail where a female Narn and a Dazi are currently being held. Malone and Zadora at the command of Cortas free the prisoner and force Refa and his guard into the cell.

A quick plan is made to jump the soldiers when they are bringing the ancient treasures out of the ruins, secure the fighter that been assigned to the base and destroy the SAM launcher so that they can escape with the loot.

A brief battle begins ahead of schedule before the crew is able to secure their objectives but despite a desperate fight are able to fight the Centauri garrison to a standstill.

Episode 21: Difficulties of Command

The action opens where the previous episode finished. Confident that they have the upper hand and can dictate terms to the Centauri garrison they relax their guard when the garrison seems to give up.

The garrison "surrender" was a ruse to give them time to reorganize and rethink how they would take back their base which the crew discovers when the treasures that garrison sent out to the Jacaranda crew explodes violently sending crew members flying injured.

Landas who had hijacked the Centauri fighter finds that he has been targeted by a portable anti fighter weapon system which leads to him having to eject before he is killed.

The rest of the crew find themselves in their most desperate fight trying to recover and escape without taking any more losses. With only a few seconds to spare the crew escape before they are overrun but the fiasco has lead to a hit in morale of the crew and leads to question of what they can do to survive.

While the ship owners discuss a possibility of heading to Narn space in an attempt to avoid the Refa family, the crew of the Jacaranda find that they have been joined by the Techno Mage that they came across earlier. He advises that he can help them escape to Minbari space but in doing so he gets to hitch and provide aid.

In desperation the ship owners agree to the offer, and have the Jacaranda head into Minbabri space, while they are still a few days away from Minbar their Techno mage guide tells them to drop out of Hyperspace. As the Jacaranda does so, the crew find themselves in front of a Minbari warship.

Episode 22: Echoes of Eternity

The crew of the Jacaranda find themselves on board a Minbara War Cruiser that is inhabited by a sole Vorlon on the ship, with a dark secret. A desperate escape attempt by the crew results in the members of the crew escaping in some Minbari fighters.

With this episode we find ourselves coming to the end of our season 1.
The following stories are listed as part of The Babylon Project 2nd season.

Season 2: Episode 1: Delusions

The crew find themselves back in Earth space questioning what to do but also suddenly bereft of a Captain. As unknown issues finally lead to Zadora not being fit to command the ship at the current period of time. Landas Cortas takes command and instructs Malone to make inquiries with IPX about what they will offer for the Minbari Tech.

Landas tries to compromise on the situation by getting everyone view on the matter but the meeting just highlights the current tensions on the ship.

Meanwhile a shuttle makes it way to the Jacaranda, carrying a cargo that is unexpected and poses a threat to the crew as their guard is down due to them orbiting Earth.

Season 2: Episode 2: Division

After some heated arguments about what will happen to the Tech from the previous session, Landas decides to sound out the Minbari after deciding that the offer that he has received from his people would have some strings attached that may not be obvious immediately.

After trying to discuss the situation with the ambassadorial aide Lennier, Landas finds himself giving up more than he was planning and finds he has agreed to come to B5 station to discuss the situation directly.With the limit given. the crew need to make their way to B5 as soon as possible.

A message comes to the ship, to advise that rental company wants the shuttle that the Draxi boarding party from prev episode used. Landas gives orders for the shuttle to be returned as quickly as possible.

After close to a week of travel the crew find themselves in B5 spcae with a day to spare. The crew decides to relax. Landas goes to the casino to relax but is concerned about some of the attention he is getting and calls in Noah to back him up. Not long after Noah gets to the casino he collapses with a headache and is taken to medbay.

While Landas is trying to figure out his next course of action,a message is received from a Drazi male who is wanting to speak to Freja. Preparing for the worst, the young Drazi male finds himself staring at an armed party ready to attack if they have to. But looking at the items brought, the crew realizes that the conversation is best left between the 2 Drazi in question.

Afterwards another call is received in Landas quarters and finds that the Drazi Ambassador want to have a chat..
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