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Traveller 5 Discussion of the Fifth edition of Traveller, released Spring 2013.

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Old February 16th, 2016, 01:48 AM
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Default TL changes to travellermap for T5

MT and TNE outlined almost 30 worlds or so out of 11,000 that had reached TL G. I propose that the TL G (as described) is not something that should have been rolled back. If anything alterations to other fictitious world stats should have been adjusted. I point out that there are stories here being impacted.

In Massilia, TLG is described as inwardly focused, xenophobic in many cases. Clearly, data shows another of number potential colony, corp, daughter or captive worlds. TNE 1248 has more worlds not mentioned since the Regency was on a building project with the Darrians, Vincennes and Pashus.

Stories being impacted:
  • Pg 75 knightfall - Massilia sector is prized by Rebellion factions for its high tech
  • Only 7 worlds in the TLG we're high population. An Ancients site is on Jonen a TLD world. Possibly studying the site has assisted the Ergo.
  • Vargr prize Kasuu as high TL (Challenge)
  • Dlan would not have the TLG quality advantage in ship building. Remember there support Depot is on TLC and all there Domain depots are lower TL.
  • Xenophobic high tech worlds. Traders want their goods.

Looking at TLE-G, High Populations 8+
TLG bases
Navy bases on high pop worlds: Ergo (owned by Rebin), Shiwoneen
Navy bases on low pop: Forever, Janeen, Cragun3, Zalucha, Cordell
Scout bases Tooka, Vonda, Coxe, Pashus
Described in Canon: Krishan, Gasha, Kaggushus, Deneb/Depot, Kasuu, Shiwoneen, Darrian
TL E/F High Pop with Navy bases: Dirac
TL E/F High Pop with Scout bases: Igganir
Worlds described as TLG

Depot/Deneb 1613 A100644-G NaNiVa 220 DdF9II
Vincennes/Deneb 0112 A899AA6-G HiinCp 113 Dd
Pashus/Deneb 1432 A23255-G NiPoRsZ 812 DdA9V
Dlan/Illelish A8D1ADE-G
Kasuu/Corridor AA79CD-G
Gemid/Vland 1903 A423979-G HiNaInPo 724 VnK0V

24 in Massilia

Huon/Massilia B100948-G HiInVaNa F1VM8D
Forever/Massilia 0134 A000100-G N NiAsLo K6 II M6 V
Ergo/Massila 0314 A20099B-G HiInVaNa 804 F9VIM5D
Kaggushus/Massilia 0402 A442AA7-G HiInPoCp 904 F1D
Ticularosta/Massilia 0508 A100654-G NiVaNa 322 G3VM9D
Quuke/Massilia 0530 A100579-G NiVa 801 GV1M6D
Amaya/Massilia 0720 A100321-G NiVaLo 924 K9IIIM5D
Shimshan/Massilia 1029 A110720-G Na 813 M0VK3D
Lagna/Masillia 1029 A110A97-G HiInNa 231 G3VM8D
Arar/Massilia B233A72-G HiPoNaCp 524 F3 V
Shiwonee/Shiwonee 1430 AA86831-G NiAnCp 433 F7V1M9D
Gasha/Massilia 1508 A240510-G NiRs 924 MaG4D
SultanBelts/Massilia 1601 A00200-G NiAsLo 100 M8V
Krishan/Massilia 1910 A109AE-G HiNaVaCp 814 G1VM1D
Dumeras/Massilia 2308 B789AAD-G NHiA 103 Ma F4VM4D
Wynd/Massilia 2407 A310 AAB-G hiInNa 914 MaG4V
Janeen/Massilia 2408 A100610-G NiVaNa 302 MaK1VM2D
Caragun3/Massilia 2506 B434678-G Ni 323 MaG0V
Zalucha/Massilia 2508 A100610-G NiVaNaCp 302 Ma M7V1M2D
Cordell/Massilia 2731 A100203-G NiVaLo 893 MaG8VM7D
Vonda/Massilia 2735 B110102-G NiLo 431 MaM4VM7D
Coxe/Massilia 3009 B000101-G NiAsLo 414 MAM3V
Tooka/Massilia 3124 A241553-G NiPoAnCp 602 MaF3VM4D
Porto/Massilia 3211 B256AEC-G Hi 114 MaF1V
Not only have we moved from TLG changing canon without necessity but also TL changes on other worlds Depots, etc.

Lowering TL for Depot/Corridor changes the military dynamics of Vland Domain.
Raising TLs on low TL depots made sense.
Savage, JC, Adm.
Count John of Porozlo, Count Admiral Porozlo, KD SPIN2715
Lord John of Depot, Lord Admiral Corridor Fleet KSC KB, CORR1511
Sarriiu of Depot, CORR1511 50 KB
Count Efate, SPIN1705, Mar Skull, SPIN2420
Knight Ngimi ANTA2535, Mar Syzygy SOLO3006
Cry Havoc and let slip the VARGRs of war.
William Shakespeare's Revised Works,"Julius Caesar", Act 3 scene 1. MTU654

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