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Old April 30th, 2013, 11:40 AM
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Default Import file for Traveller Universe and The Traveller Map

I only just learned that the Traveller Map can export its sector data files.
Unfortunately, the format that it uses does not match any of the included import filters provided by Traveller Universe. (The files exported by The Traveller Map use much larger fields for the system name and the comments, for example.)

Until now. I built an IEL file that can read the files exported by The Traveller Map and import them into the Traveller Universe database.

A few corrections to the data are still needed; those are below since I can't upload but one file.

Using the TravellerMap.iel to import Traveller Map files to Traveller Universe
(Rename TravellerMap.iel.txt to TravellerMap.iel.)
1. Put the TravellerMap.iel file into your Universe install folder, wherever the other .iel files are.
2. Register TravellerMap.iel with Traveller Universe Manager.
You must put in an extension for your import files. You can use sec or one of the ones used by the
other iel files, but a unique extension (perhaps map) is suggested. Do NOT put the period before the

This process must be done only once, the first time you wish to use the import.

Now you are ready to get a sector file, modify it for use by Universe, and import it.

1. Use the Travellermap API to download a sector file by using a URL such as this:'hk'r
The text after the = is the sector name, including punctuation (if any).
This opens a web page containing the sector information. Copy the info and paste it into a text file.
Save the file with the extension you used to register the .iel; name it for the sector to make it
easy to keep track of.
2. Cut out all the information at the top, down to this line:
1-25: Name
Paste all that information into another text file and save it, perhaps as sector name-data. This
may contain such useful information as the subsector names, alternate language sector names, etc.
It also contains the allegiance codes, which you need to check before importing the sector.
You can use all the other information after importing.
3. Paste in a sector name tag in this format:
<sector name>
4. If the sector file contains star data (not all do) AND you want to import it (it isn't required), you
must modify it. The Traveller Map exports stellar data in the format F0V (for example); Universe
expects it in the form F0 V (F0spaceV).
A global search and replace is the easiest way to do this.
Watch out for the dwarf codes; D is sometimes found in the UWP and should not be replaced; it will cause
an import error if you do replace it in the UWP.
You will need to handle all the stellar sizes, V, D, I, II, III, IV, etc.
5. Remove any blank lines at the end of the file, below your system data. If you do not they will cause
the import to fail.
6. Verify that the allegiance codes found in your data do not duplicate existing codes already in Universe.
If necessary, you can create new ones.
Note that Traveller Universe IS case-sensitive when dealing with allegiance codes, so that Ve is NOT the
same as VE, for example.
7. Import the file into Traveller Universe.
8. Use the data you saved in step 2 to update alternative sector names, subsector names, etc.
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