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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old March 9th, 2020, 05:45 AM
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Default 2nd Generation Type-S

Supplement-9 (Fighting Ships) states that the scout/courier design has remained unchanged for a century. I figure it's about time to release an updated design in my game...the stock version is a Book-2 design so I figured the Mark-2 Scout/Courier should be a Book-5 design. Long story made short, the diminished fuel capacity for the M-Drive is a boon for customizing the standard design (along with the Jump-2 PP-2 MD-2 gets reduced from Book-2's 15 tons to 14 tons in book 5), all in all you get 19 tons to play with. That's a lot of wiggle room for a 100 ton ship...

Now I figure any radical changes should be made by the players (not that I haven't indulged myself in a dozen or so one-off specials on my own) so I figured for a "standard" design I should stick pretty close to the original and simply offer some minor upgrades.

That said, the first thing I addressed with the Gen-2 model is the fuel supply. This goes from the base 40 tons to 33 tons, by Book-5 standards that allows 4 weeks of unlimited maneuver and three parsecs worth of jumps (three Jump-1 or a Jump-2 plus a Jump-1) along with a reserve capacity of two additional weeks of maneuver. The new Type-S now has a boost in both jump capacity and insystem time.

That leaves eight tons to play with. Seven tons goes to the cargo hold for a total capacity of 10 tons, and the remaining ton gets devoted to the Supplement-7 (Traders & Gunboats) suggestion for an improved filtration system that finally does away with the funky odors and need for weekly filter changes and/or periodic system flushes.

Other minor details --- the four ton vehicle bay gets dorsal bay doors above to permit access for the air/raft and a ventral drop platform allows the crew to opt for a ground vehicle instead of the stock air/raft. The galley and cabins get reversed, so that the galley resides adjacent to the bridge while the cabins are aft (just ahead of the engine room).

My original Book-2 design:
Torc Raven VII...because Torcs 1-6 died during chargen. Played a few years during the mid-80's, new GM to the game via CT starter set as of Dec. 2018

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