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In My Traveller Universe Detail what parts of Traveller you do (or don't) use in your campaign.

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Old February 14th, 2003, 02:22 PM
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In the current T20 game I am running, I have decided to give the PCs exactly what they asked for, with all of its attendant glory and problems.
While preparing characters and discussing what it was that they were hoping for in this game, they stated that they wanted to be "just regular guys, you know, like a trader crew, that gets pulled into extrordinary events that are a side story to some huge fiasco, so we're, like, not exactly the heros or the focus of history, you know? Whatever, as long as we find some Ancients stuff...."
So I let them have it. I decided to slightly alter the "under the table" reasons for the 5th front. war. of course the Zhodani and the Imperium are going to slug it out, regardless of why, so why not have the official reason and the hidden one?
So, the pCs discover a derelict ship that seems to have survived a deep plunge into a gas giant they are stopping at to skim fuel. Turns out that most of the crew seems to have been killed via weapons, not the dive. Further more, upon reviewing the flight tapes, the dive was done deliberatly to destroy the ship! Why? Could it be because of the strange mummy like thing in the cargo hold? Hmmm....(yes, this borrows heavily on Startide Rising) They returned to a station, asked a bunch of questions, aroused some suspicion, and wheels began to turn. OF course someone would try to follow them....
They back track the ships flight, and discover a huge stasis globe that spans almost half of a star system. It seems to be slowly shrinking by about a couple of feet a year. Caught half projecting from the field they discover the (half of anyways) wreck of a very old ship. The part projecting farthest seems to be older than the rest due to the aging of the revealed parts as the field shrinks. They make many discoveries, and take many artifacts, and then decide to boogy.
On their return, they jump into a system (on the lower border of the corridor/great rift, in corridor sector) that seems to be more a battlezone than star system. The zhodani are slugging it out with the Imperials, with the swordworlders and darians snipping frmo the wings.
Of course the Zhodani had seen this via their little future-sight gizmo, of course the sword worlders were wondering why a Zhodani fleet was on the move thru their space, of course a secret society within the Darians wants this discovery to be kept secret, of course the Imperial navy knew they were going someplace strange for some unknown region, and then heard about the Zhodani fleet...
So, how DO you skim some jump fuel to make an escape when everyone who is looking for you seems to have found you, and are willing to take you dead, crippled, or not alive?!?!!?
Too much fun, like taking the pacifyer form a baby!
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