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Old May 29th, 2006, 03:45 PM
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I've been tweaking my Combat Round Actions a bit...


15 second CT Combat Round

Each round, we roll Initiative. Characters act on their initiative unless they Hold their action.

If you "Hold" your action, you're waiting to see how the combat round develops before you move, at the expense of letting those who move after you a chance to act before you (possibly wounding you before you've even had a chance to act).

With Initiative, lower is better. If a character moves on an Initiative of 5, and he holds his action, he will move on 25 (Holding action requires +20 to the Initiative roll).


When it's time for a character to act, he can perform one action. This First Action is typically free of penalty.

Every participant in the encounter performs First Actions in Initiative order. Then (again in Initiative order) a check is made for Extra Actions. Extra Actions are any actions taken after the First.

So, the combat round plays out with every character taking their First Action, in Initiative order, then second actions are performed, and then third actions, and fourth, and so on. When all characters have performed all actions, the combat round is over.

The First Action is free, but Extra Actions require a check. For a character's second action, the character must roll END or less on 1D. If successful, the character is allowed an Extra Action (his second action). If this roll is failed, then the character has completed his round.

Any action after the first is termed an Extra Action, and the charcter's third action requires a check of 2D for END or less. A fourth action requires a check of 3D for END or less. A fifth action requires a check of 4D for END or less, and so on.


First Action: A character's initial action is typically free of penalty.

Extra Action: A successful multiple action check will gain the character an Extra Action. Any action taken after the First Action is an Extra Action. All Extra Actions are performed with a -2DM.

Move Action: Character may choose to move as one of their actions. They may either Walk or Run. Walking allows the character to move 4 squares (1.5 m combat squares) during the action. Running allows the character to move 8 squares during the action, but if a character runs, he is barred from any other type of action during the round (any other actions the character takes during the round can only be Run or Walk actions).

Watch Action: When a character uses the Watch Action, his action is triggered by some other event. For example, if a character chooses to point his weapon at a door, using the Watch Action, then the character has automatic initiative and is allowed to act first should an enemy come through that doorway.

Panic Fire: Any semi-automatic, or fully automatic, weapon can be fired up to three times, having all three attacks count as a single action. Panic Fire incurs a -2DM on top of any other DMs incurred for the round (a character performing Panic Fire, as an Extra Action, for example, would incur a -4DM to all attacks). Panic Fire can be quite deadly when used with an automatic weapon. An SMG, using the automatic fire rule, is allowed two attacks per single pull of the trigger, so an SMG, used with Panic Fire, would allow the character six attack rolls--all counted as one action.

Double Action: Anytime a charcter needs to draw his weapon and fire, or swing around a corner, fire, and swing back, or even run down a hallway and drop to the ground, this circumstance is referred to as a Double Action. Panic Fire cannot be combined with the Double Action. In fact, if the Double Action is used, then only one attack is allowed during the combat round. GMs should guard that characters are not allowed to do "too much" during a round segment using the Double Action rule. Each segment of the round is a span of time of about 3-5 seconds. Double Actions require a -2DM on top of any other DMs incurred during the round.

</font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;">Action DM Note
------------- --- ---------------------
First Action +0 Typically no penalty
Extra Action -2
Double Action -2 No Panic Fire
Move Action +0 Walk or Run
Watch Action +0 Triggered by event
Panic Fire -2 3 attacks = 1 action</pre>[/QUOTE]
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