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Imperial Interstellar Scout Service Details of the worlds of the Imperium (and beyond).

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Old August 4th, 2015, 10:48 AM
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Default T5 Sophont Review update

The T5 Sophont Review exists to note the materials so Marc can make decisions about what gets kept and what becomes non-canonical. Marc specifically said to ignore all previous number limits, and just list all such materials for consideration. The Notes tab is where we keep notes about items Marc has to make decisions about. Some decisions have been made, for example, the Mongoose Luriani book specifically replaces some T20 material; the Mongoose Human/Dolphin chimera was errated, etc.

The T5SS has identified, as part of the Sophont review, the following:

3 non-canon Human minors (so they don't count)

7 uplifts (non-Humans geneered post-Ancients as sophonts)

4 dieback Human minors (meaning they survived the Final War but not to 1105)

2 human majors (meaning they survived the Final War, developed jump independently and are active in 1105)

56 human minors (geneeered by the Ancients, survived and are active in 1105)

12 human chimera (see T5; except the geneering was done post-Ancients, and generally since the first Human major gained jump drive)

11 human cultures (generally no genetic changes, but the classification exists to remove those identifications from the chimera, major or minor lists)

1 human infection (just to note it for Marc for a canon decision)

1 uplifted major (geneered by the Ancients, developed jump independently and are active in 1105) with 5 subspecies

4 non-human majors (survived the Final War, developed jump independently and are active in 1105)

6 non-canon minors (so they don't count)

1 misclassification (the Tktk are Chirpers)

274 minors (survived the Final War to 1105)

3 minor chimera (geneering done post-Ancients)

1 rumor

So at the moment the T5SS recognizes 75 human subspecies. There's also the case of the Gashiini from JTAS Online, which would classified as an uplifted minor (geneered by the Ancients, survived and are active in 1105) if they gain canon status. A full review of JTAS Online is ongoing as part of the Lorenverse review.

Note: Yaskoydri moved to dieback Human minor; they did not develop jump themselves, Grandfather gave it to them.
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