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Adventurers Tell us your Traveller character stats, skills, and details.

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Old December 13th, 2009, 12:42 AM
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Default A06 Party

Last few days due to a scheduling conflict I haven't being able to run either of my regular Trav Games, so instead I ran A06 Expedition to Zhodane, with Original Characters they where

a Non Psionic Zho Noble, Psi-2, failed all his Psionic skill rolls and got no Psionic improvements through his Careers (2 Navy & 1 Government), but he was a Intell Officer in the Navy and scored Spy type skills in Government service, so His back story was he was working as a NOC (No Official Cover) in Imperial Space, when his network was burnt he skipped getting as far as Utoland before his money ran out, he has no way to contact Zhodani Intelligence on world so still has to find his own way home.

A Zho Prole (Ex-Guard), after failing to enroll in College she was drafted in to the Guard where she did Protected Forces and two years of Ships Troops duty before failing to reenlist, in the wrap up just for laughs I let her roll for PSI as per the special rule in A06 and she came up PSI with skills in Telepathy, Clairvoyance and two Specifically Skills (Empathy and Detect). so her back story is she was carrying out a Affair with a Guard Talent Instructor who instructed her on the sly, when they where found out she was forced to flee getting only as far as Utoland before her money ran out.

an Imperial Belter, a five term Expert Prospector with a good section of ship skills, ended up with a Type J (mostly paid off), to make the character fit with the "Down & Out" of the Adventure and the rest of the party I had a couple of his Minority Partners take off with his ship after I coned him in to spending a stack of Cash on Prospecting & Vacc Equipment the Character and the Bank are waiting on the Insurance to pay out or the Perps to be captured.

An Imperial Other, with Tech and Criminal Skills, they dipped out on the Cash Table rolling real low on both occasions and lacked Gambling to jack up their Cash

the last character was a Vargr Loner, good mix of Prospecting, Combat and Criminal skills who ended up flat broke without any help from me what so ever.

the party bounced around for a bit on the Friday night session before meeting up and finely taking the key job offer, after that I used some rolls from Beltstrike to make things a bit more interesting and hide the fact I was waiting for their encounter with the Rock. Around the month mark they came across a chase of Mining Equipment that I used to get their hopes up saying that it would increase output (and it did just not enough to be meaningful, that was until it started to brake down), six weeks later they scored a "Starship" encounter with a Type A that I turned in to a Derelict Type J2 (200t prospecting Ship), the party Looted it for Mining Equipment, Weapons (Accelerator Rifles and Snub Revolvers) and a Prospecting Buggy. Between a Major Strike the week before the unprocessed ore on the J2 and their soon to be increased output from the new Gear they could have got someone home inside a month, instead they chose to just make quota and work on the J2, they got it Pressure Safe and capable of Station Keeping before realizing that they couldn't run the Power Plant at a high enough level to provide power to the engines to make it back and Life Support would give out before they could coast in, an other six weeks later they found the Rock.

start of Saturday's session they used Rock and Pebble to tow the J2 back to Utoland where they filed Salvage on it, hired a Supplementary Power Plant and grounded the J2 on a vacant lot they purchased, the Belter found out his Ship had bean found and the Bank had foreclosed on it, but he was going to receive a payout, just it was going to take 6-18 months to come and cost him a couple of MCr. in Legals and Bank Penalties. it was then off to save Prof. Ricket.

at the start of the finale act their was a split in the party when the Imperials planed a messy brake-out, the Joes resisted and turned on the party, the Prole was arrested when they went to the Thought Police and she rejoined the party blustered her out along with the Professor before a short running gun battle through the streets of of the Chronor Capital making a brake for where they had stashed the pebble then it was off to Rio and the De-brief.

Fun was had by all, some of the characters from this adventure may make a return If their is an other occasion when I can't get my normal Parties together, I'm thinking for Beltstrike as I have the CT Module (Dead Tree & PDF) as well as the MGT book

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