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Old December 14th, 2010, 05:44 PM
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Default Scatterletto TL12 Shotgun HEAP rocket

Scatterletto TL12, Cr 3,000, [Law Level 0-: against Imperial and Zhodani, and most any local laws!]
This is a round of High Explosive ammunition fitting down the bore of a shotgun; it is unguided, a single shot, high recoil, short range, and packs massive combination shaped-charge / squash-head punch designed to rip through personal armor. Its basic function is to turn a shotgun into a muzzle-loading short range rocket launcher capable of defeating combat armor and battledress at short or even medium (CT) ranges. It masses 1.5 kg and are 450 mm in length. An individual round will cost Cr3,000, and comes in a sealed plastic tube. There are 5,520 in a 1m^3 “little cube,” costing MCr 11, and massing 8,400 kg.; a cube is loaded with 460 bandoleers of 12, each massing 18.1 kg, and costing Cr 35,000.
These are a hot item in every sense of the word. They are difficult to find, but worth their weight in gold, almost, to revolutionaries, insurgents, pirates, thugs and the low-lifes who supply them with illegal arms. They are available at 10+ on 2D6, minus level of streetwise (or minus level of Liaison over 2 or Admin over 3), plus law level, +1 for Imperial or Zhodani world, +1 for each base in system, + number of TLs below 12, cumulative; +1 for 10 or more rounds sought; +2 for 100 or more. A character rolling 6 below the needed throw will have been informed upon , and a roll of 8 below will have been arrested with substantial evidence compiled (i.e., tapes, etc).
Thus in an unusually favorable situation, a character with Streetwise 1 and Admin 4 seeking 12 Scatterlettos on a non-Imperial, non-Zhodani, TL11 world with Law Level 0 would need an 11+ on 2D6, after all mods: he can use Streetwise or Admin, either one of which gives him a -1; no mods for law level, or bases; +1 for 1 TL below TL12; +1 for seeking more than 10 (but less than 100).
In an even more favorable example, a character with Streetwise-3 seeking 8 Scatterlettos on an Imperial, TL13 world with Law Level 0 would need an 8+ on 2D6, after all mods: he uses Streetwise for a -3; no mods for law level, or bases; +1 for Imperial world; no mods for TL; and no mods for number sought.
Just looking in anything but close to ideal circumstances can be a real blunder. An average character (Streetwise-1) seeking a Scatterletto on a fairly average world (TL11 Imperial, law level 5, would need to roll an impossible 16+ to find one, and would be implicated in any roll below 11, arrested on any roll below 9.
The actual price for more than 10 Scatterlettos may be rolled on the CT trading tables, as firearms; to sell them, however, a “availability” roll must be made to find a buyer, once weekly, with the same modifiers, with the exception that Trader can be subtracted in addition to any other mods; the same results for failure apply.
To fire, the Scatterletto may be fired only at short or medium range, using rifle, combat rifle, or carbine skill; it can also be fired using Shotgun minus 2; it hits as a carbine against cloth at these ranges, and does 6D damage, on any combat armored target. Against cloth or below, it hits as a carbine against unarmored, doing 4D damage. One round must be spent reloading each Scatterletto during which the shooter is not considered evading. Only one round may be fired in a round before reloading, except for a double-barreled shotgun, which can fire once for two rounds in succession. It renders the shotgun barrel unusable until fired, or dismantled (9+ per 2 combat rounds, requiring the transport tube, Mecahnical and Dex. apply).
The tactical importance is to give the most humbly armed (shotguns are about the least restricted firearm) and give them a shot at knocking out the most well-armed trooper in a close-in scrape. In an insurgency, the insurgent does not need to have anything like shooter-to-shooter parity; he must have the ability to make the government bleed, no matter how unmatched the encounters. The name comes from the making of a “stiletto,” in the archaic meaning of a dagger intended to defeat heavy plate armor, out of a shotgun, or “scattergun.” It is often just pronounced “scaletto.” The concept is important: one using a stiletto against an armored knight would have to be extremely close, with the knight dismounted, and either completely surprised or at some extreme disadvantage. It is a narrow window, but it is there.


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