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Traveller 5 Discussion of the Fifth edition of Traveller, released Spring 2013.

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Old April 24th, 2013, 05:42 PM
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Default T5 Chargen Example

I'm going to make an attempt to illustrate the creation, from scratch, of one character using the T5 Monolith (BBB, GBB, TGB, or what-have-you). Time (and y'all) will tell whether I'm successful in showing anything of use to the community.

This character will be a Human (we have to make a *few* choices that simplify rather than complicate), and we start with a character's

Some Referees will want you to pick a Homeworld from the sector they’ve developed or chosen, but here’s an example of creating one from whole cloth (pps.80-81; this is a subset of the full star system generation rules on pps.424-443):

Roll Flux and roll a decimal value (0-9) to get the Home star’s Spectral Class: -1 = G + 3 = G3
Roll Flux to get the Home star’s size: 2 = V. Home star = G3 V
Roll Flux for world-type (Close Satellite, Far Satellite, or Planet): -2 = Planet
Roll Flux for Habitable Zone variance: 4 = +1 Orbit
Habitable Zone is 3 (from Table 3 on p.80), and +1 from above means the Homeworld’s orbit is 4
Roll 2D-2 for Planetary Size: 8-2 = 6 (6000 miles, 9600 kilometres)
Roll Flux and add Size for Atmosphere: 1+6 = 7 (Standard, Tainted)
Roll Flux and add Size for Hydrographics: 4+3 = 7 (70% water)
Roll 2D-2 for Population: 6-2 = 4 (tens of thousands)
Roll Flux and add Population to get Government: -4+4 = 0 (No Government structure)
Then look up those Homeworld characteristics on the Trade Classifications table to determine what skills he starts with: Pre-Agricultural (Pa) gives Trader-1, Tundra (Tu) gives Survival-1

For those of you interested in Genetics (pps.113-116), I'll include them.

The first four characteristics, C1-C4 (Str, Dex, End, Int), are genetically controlled. One can roll two different-coloured dice, and record one as the genetic component, but this wouldn’t be Traveller if there weren’t something more complex, would it?

I’ll create the Father’s DNA profile with simple 1D rolls (only one of his 2D can be passed on to his child):
C1 (Str): 3
C2 (Dex): 6
C3 (End): 6
C4 (Int): 4
C5 (Edu): X
C6 (Soc): X

And the Mother’s:
C1 (Str): 4
C2 (Dex): 4
C3 (End): 1
C4 (Int): 2
C5 (Edu): X
C6 (Soc): X

The Child will inherit one from each randomly:
C1 (Str): 3 [Father]
C2 (Dex): 4 [Mother]
C3 (End): 6 [Father]
C4 (Int): 4 [Father]
C5 (Edu): X
C6 (Soc): X

Then, we check for Mutations, by rolling Flux for each of the inherited characteristics:
C1 (Str): -3 [Recessive]
C2 (Dex): 1
C3 (End): -2
C4 (Int): 0
C5 (Edu): X
C6 (Soc): X

C1 (Str) becomes Recessive, and thus the other parent’s C1 (Str) will, in general, be the one inherited by any children this character has.

Now we can finish generating the stats, by adding another 1D to each of the inherited characteristics, and 2D for the non-genetic characteristics:
C1 (Str): 3 + 5 = 8
C2 (Dex): 4 + 6 = 10
C3 (End): 6 + 3 = 9
C4 (Int): 4 + 5 = 9
C5 (Edu): 4 + 4 = 8
C6 (Soc): 2 + 5 = 7

His starting UPP is thus: 8A9987.

Our character’s decided against College (p.100) and wants to become a Spacer (p.89). To start the Career, he rolls 2D and looks to roll <=Int: 6 Success. He joins as an R1 Spacehand and receives Fighter-1 automatically. As this is the first award of Fighter, per p.144, he receives a Knowledge instead, and he chooses Slug Throwers. We’ll record it as Fighter-0 (Slug Thrower-1).

He then gets to choose his Branch, and he’s going into Gunnery. As this is a pursuit that is more-dangerous and glamourous, he’s going to take a 1 Mod to all his Risk and Reward rolls as long as he’s in this Branch. That’ll make it more likely for him to be hurt, but also more likely to receive a medal.

In this, as in many Careers, he’s going to use C1-C4 (Str, Dex, End, Int) to determine Risk and Reward. He has to use all four before he can re-use any of them, and he can decide in what order to use them. In this case, he’ll use them in decending order.

Skills and Risk/Reward for a Spacer are determined by the Naval Operations they participate in, which require four 1D rolls: Year 1 =1 (Battle), Year 2 =4 (Patrol), Year 3 =2 (Strike), Year 4 =5 (Shore Duty). With these Operations, he elects to be Cautious (p.73) this Term.

Risk (C2): Dex 10-1 (Gunnery Branch)-2 (Battle Operation)-1 (Patrol Operation)-2 (Strike Operation)+2 (Cautious) =6, roll =5 Success
Reward (C2): Dex 10+1+2+1+2-2 =14, roll =2 Success, and he was awarded a medal (p.109): he receives a Campaign Ribbon and an SEH (C2 (Dex) =10 – Risk roll =2 =8) in his first term!

As a Non-Commissioned Spacer, he rolls C2 (Dex) to determine Promotion: roll =6 Success. He’s now an R2 Able Spacehand, but the next Automatic Skill doesn’t come until R4. When a Rating is promoted, he can change Branch, but he chooses not to.

Rolling for Commission: C3 (End) =9: roll =10 Failure

Spacers receive Term Skills based on the Operation, so Year 1 rolls on the Battle column, for example. The Personal table appears to be for Skills received by Promotion or Commission only.

Year 1 (Battle): Sensors-1
Year 2 (Patrol): Computer-1
Year 3 (Strike): Gunner-0 (Turrets-1)
Year 4 (Shore Duty): Minor-1. Since he has no Minor, he receives no Skill. This is a nasty Shore Duty trap; you have about a 6% chance of receiving no Skill in any given year.

Promotion Skill: C4 (Int)+1, Intelligence A

Finally, he rolls to Continue in the service: Target =7, roll =7 Success

Term 1: 07 Spacer
Age: 22
Begin: Intelligence 9, roll =6 Success.
Automatic: R1 Spacehand: Fighter-0 (Slug Thrower-1)
Branch: Gunnery (Mod 1)
Naval Operations
: Battle, Patrol, Strike, Shore Duty, Cautious
Risk (C2): Dexterity 10-1-2-1-2+2 =6, roll =4 Success
Reward (C2): Dexterity 10+1+2+1+2-2 =14, roll =2 Success, Campaign Ribbon
Medal: SEH
Promotion: Dexterity 10, roll =6 Success, R2 Able Spacehand
Commission: Endurance 9, roll =10 Failure
Continue: Target =7, roll =7 Success
Skills This Term: Fighter-0 (Slug Thrower-1), Sensors-1, Computer-1, Gunner-0 (Turrets-1), Int +1 (Intelligence A)
UPP: 8A9A87

I’ll use the above shorthand for his remaining Terms:

Term 2: 07 Spacer
Age: 26
Branch: Gunnery (Mod 1)
Naval Operations
: Shore Duty, ANM School, Battle, ANM School
Risk (C4): Intelligence 10-1-2 =7, roll =9 Failure, Wounds 1D =2, Recovery 1D =3, Wound Badge
Reward (C4): None
Promotion: Dexterity 10 +1 Wound Badge =11, roll =6 Success, R3 Petty Officer Second
Commission: Endurance 9, roll =10 Failure
Continue: Target =7 +1 Term =8, roll =6 Success
ANM School 1: Pass/Fail C2 (Dex) =10, roll =2 Success, Fighter-1 (Slug Thrower-2)
ANM School 2:
Pass/Fail C2 (Dex) =10, roll =8 Success, Fighter-0 (Battle Dress-2)
Skills This Term: Athlete-1, Fighter-1 (Slug Thrower-2), Sensors-1, Fighter-0 (Battle Dress-2), C6 (Soc) +1 (Social 8)
UPP: 8A9A88
NOTES: I’m assuming ANM Skill is a choice, as I see nothing about randomising it

Term 3: 07 Spacer
Age: 30
Branch: Gunnery (Mod 1)
Naval Operations
: Strike, Siege, Patrol, ANM School, Cautious
Risk (C3): Endurance 9-1-2-1+2 =7, roll =4 Success
Reward (C3): Endurance 9+1+2+1-2 =11, roll =8 Success, Campaign Ribbon
Medal: XS
Promotion: Dexterity 10 +1 Wound Badge =11, roll =4 Success, R4 Petty Officer First
Automatic: R4 Petty Officer First: Gunner-0 (Turrets-1)
Commission: Endurance 9, roll =6 Success, O1 Ensign
Automatic: O1 Ensign: Astrogation-1
Continue: Target =7 +2 Terms =9, roll =3 Success
ANM School: Pass/Fail C2 (Dex) =10, roll =6 Success, Gunner-1 (Turrets-2)
Skills This Term: Gunner-1 (Turrets-2), Astrogation-2, Strategy-1, Fleet Tactics-1, C6 (Soc) +1 (Social 9), C4 (Int) +1 (Intelligence B)
UPP: 8A9B89

Term 4: 07 Spacer
Age: 34
Branch: Gunnery (Mod 1)
Naval Operations
: Strike, Siege, Patrol, ANM School, Cautious
Risk (C1): Strength 8-1-2-1+2 =6, roll =4 Success
Reward (C1): Strength 8+1+2+1-2 =10, roll =8 Success, Campaign Ribbon
Promotion: Dexterity 10 +1 Wound Badge =11, roll =7 Success, O2 Sublieutenant
Continue: Target =7 +2 Terms =9, roll =3 Success
ANM School: Pass/Fail C2 (Dex) =10, roll =6 Success, Gunner-2 (Turrets-2)
Skills: Astrogation-1, Strategy-1, Fleet Tactics-1, Gunner-2 (Turrets-2), C3 (End) +1 (Endurance A)
Aging: Life Stage 5<2D, C1 roll =6 Failure, C2 roll =7 Failure, C3 roll =8 Failure

Term 5: 07 Spacer
Age: 38
Branch: Gunnery (Mod 1)
Naval Operations
: Battle, Siege, Siege, Battle, Cautious
Risk (C2): Dexterity 10-1-2-2+2 =7, roll =9 Failure, Wounds 1D =5, Recovery 1D =1
Reward (C2): None
Promotion: Social 9 +4 Medals =13, roll =6 Success, O3 Lieutenant
Automatic: O3 Lieutenant: Engineer-0 (Life Support-1)
Continue: Disability Discharge, Double Mustering-Out Benefits
Skills This Term: Engineer-0 (Life Support-1), Fleet Tactics-1, Counsellor-1, Gunner-3 (Turrets-2), Pilot-0 (Spacecraft ACS-1), C1 (Str) +1 (Strength 9)
Aging: Life Stage 5<2D, C1 roll =3 Failure, C2 roll =4 Failure, C3 roll =6 Failure
UPP: 96AB89

Final wrap-up in the next post; this one's hit its 10,000-charlimit.

Last edited by Jazzlvraz; April 24th, 2013 at 10:21 PM.. Reason: Failure at Risk precludes Reward; cost him two medals. Errata #1 added, and other items from thread-comments
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