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Old June 26th, 2016, 11:24 AM
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Default QND Medical Drama

This is a Quick and Dirty medical drama set of rules, using a version of 68A and something like CT damage resolution, to provide color and visualization to medical situations and drama for the Medic to handle. Feel free to translate into the system variation of your choice.

Part I- Combat and Accident Damage

This part includes combat damage and damage sustained from an accident- vehicle, a fall, construction/mining/demolitions, etc.

Each of the attributes corresponds to 1-3 major body systems-

STR= Muscle/bone, Cardiovascular System
DEX= Nervous System, Coordination/Fine Motor Control, Movement, Senses
END= Digestive, Respiratory, Immune Systems, Skin
INT= Brain, problem-solving
EDU= Brain, memory

A damage result can therefore be described from which attribute was affected, and affects and treatment extrapolated.

Consider instituting a hit location system for more descriptive/task drama.

On each die roll of 6 applied to STR, a bone is broken and likely a limb is unusable, or the rib cage cracked. For the same 6 result for DEX, the skull is fractured or the spine damaged. Extrapolate from the attribute and general severity of the damage result.

If any one of STR, DEX or END drops to zero, in addition to the initial unconsciousness in case of first damage, checks must be rolled against an immediate medical emergency.

Roll 2d6 three times, one for each physical attribute- if the roll is greater then the attribute, there is an emergency occurring associated with that attribute. Note the zeroed out attribute will automatically have an emergency, but other attributes can be affected that have not taken damage.

STR emergency- Bleeding out, heart attack
DEX emergency- Brain trauma, spinal cord, hydrostatic shock
END emergency- Respiratory arrest/failure, organ failure

A stabilization roll is required, one for each attribute in emergency.

The roll difficulty is determined by how many attributes are at zero- 6+ for one attribute, 8+ for two attributes, 10+ for all three with the patient being technically dead.

Apply Medical skill as a plus, possibly TL (see optional below).

Stabilization takes ten minutes. For each attribute not stabilized, the patient now starts taking a point of damage every ten minutes applied to that attribute first then others, and a fresh round of attribute failure checks need to be rolled for any attributes not at zero.

If DEX is at zero, damage starts being applied to INT and EDU each, one point per minute past the first ten minutes. When INT reaches zero, brain death has occurred and for all intents and purposes the character is gone.

Once stabilization is achieved, the normal rules apply to the character's attributes re: averaged or minimal values.

If the skin is broken (virtually guaranteed in the case of combat damage), an infection roll against END is required after the first 12 hours. If infection occurs, the same 1 point damage rule per 12 hours and 68A difficulty treating it applies.

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