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Old April 23rd, 2016, 11:10 AM
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Default Star System Generator (IMTU)

Here's a star system generator that (mostly) follows the CT rules in Books 3 and 6. To operate it, simply press F9 to refresh the system and the Ctrl+Alt+L to re-sort and re-filter the list of stars, planets, and satellites. If you get "#N/A" for the system name, that means there are no planets in the system (press F9 to try again). You should also turn automatic calculation off unless you want it to refresh every time you change a cell.

The IMTU extensions are mostly in the form of extra secondary trade classifications to flesh out the characteristics of the system. These codes are:
  • Co - Cold Climate - A world with a climate at the lower end of survivability for most sophonts.
  • Cn - Communications Nexus - The world has a base for routing private incoming and outgoing communications traffic (in contrast to an X-Boat facility).
  • Cu - Customs Station - The world has a base for screening passenger traffic inbound to the system. Inbound ships are required to visit this station before proceeding to the main world.
  • Ds - Diplomatic Station - The world serves as neutral ground for diplomatic missions, treaty negotiations, etc.
  • Ec - Entertainment Complex - The world serves as a pleasure planet with tourist facilities, accommodations, gaming, sporting events, etc.
  • Ff - Fuel refinery and depot - The gas giant satellite has a facility that refines, stores, and dispenses refined fuel.
  • Fr - Frozen Climate - A world with a climate beyond the lower end of survivability.
  • Fy - Factory - A significant portion of the world is devoted to manufacturing facilities that produce consumer or industrial products.
  • Ha - Orbital Habitats - A significant portion of the world's population lives in artificial, orbital habitats surrounding the main world.
  • Ho - Hot Climate - A world with a climate at the upper end of survivability for most sophonts.
  • Pe - Penal Colony - The world contains a colony devoted to housing prisoners.
  • Pr - Pirate's Refuge - The world has a base that acts as a refuge for pirates and corsairs in the system, including limited docking / repair / refueling facilities, accommodations, entertainment complexes, and defenses.
  • Py - Private Shipyard - The world has a private shipyard that can commission small- and medium-sized (<1,000t) boats and ships.
  • Sh - Smuggler's Haven - The world has one or more facilities for storing illicit cargo, usually with limited docking facilities and defenses.
  • Th - Trade Hub - The world has one or more trading hubs for brokering passenger and/or cargo exchanges.
  • To - Torrid Climate - A world with a climate above the higher end of survivability.
  • Tr - Tropical Climate - A world with a warmer than average climate but is also considered habitable.
  • Tu - Tundra Climate - A world with a colder than average climate but is also considered habitable.
  • Wy - Wrecking Yard - The world has one or more facilities for stripping salvaged / captured ships of usable components.
I've also added to the remarks column to give a bit more color to the "M" bases on secondary worlds. These are:
  • Mercenary Base
  • Ground Forces Base
  • Naval Defense Station (planetary / subsector navy)
  • Naval Armory (planetary / subsector navy)
  • Naval Shipyard (planetary / subsector navy)
  • Naval Fleet Station (planetary / subsector navy)
  • Interdiction Station (to enforce travel zone restrictions)
And just for fun I added some descriptions to the "A" and "R" travel zones.

I'm still tweaking it so please let me know if you encounter any problems or have any suggestions for improvement.
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