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Adventurers Tell us your Traveller character stats, skills, and details.

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Old September 21st, 2017, 01:32 AM
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Default Artist/Astrogator Laamta Vassgu

Laamta is a survivor of his homeworld's cataclysm in the distant past. His stasis pod was picked up by a highly improbable accident, while floating in an empty hex. Quickly learning his predicament, he eventually adjusted and learned to survive in an entirely different setting. One of his personal goals is to search for others of his kind, who may yet be resting in stasis pods between the stars. He hopes.

5EG899-6 (SDVIEK-Psi)

Caste: Teleporter
Homeworld: Plangabaapalki AC64700-T Ag Ri (original) XC64000-T Di (current)
Gender: Solitiare
E/M Awareness: 24 (strong)
Special Disabilities: Distractible; Group Think.
Language Medium: Awareness Language
Career starting age: 14 standard years; aging begins at 34 years; mental aging begins at 70 years.

As an adult (=casted) member of society, Laamta is blind, anosmic, deaf, and weak (STR=5). In adult form, these sophonts are practically unaware of non-psionic people.
This sophont people communicate via E/M generation and detection.

Laamta's psionic potential is divided evenly between Direct, Self, and Remote (18 points in each).

His psionic senses are similarly allocated evenly (9 points each to psi-vision, -smell, -hearing, -touch, -awareness, and -perception). This allows him to detect and interact more easily with many sophonts, including humans.

His ECM aptitudes are divided as follows:
Move: 18
Teleport: 10 for caste + 18 = 28
EShift: 18
The Touch: 0
OOB: 0
Mentation: 0

His Ethics rating is Chaotic Moral.

Sophont template taken from a draft of the Book of the Lost.

Homeworld skills: Animals, Art(Author).


Career choice: Entertainer / Artist. Entertainer is the primary breadwinner of the extended family for this sophont people. Entering the Artist career requires END <= 2D (automatic for Laamta).

TERM 1. Age=14.
- Fame and Artist talent both are determined: 2D = 9.
- Risk & Reward: Talent <= 2D; Risk fails; I assume Fame & talent decrease by 1.
- Four skills this term. Laamta rolls twice on Travel (6=Starship Skill=Astrogator; 4=Astrogator), once on General (2=Survival), once on Business (4=Liaison).

TERM 2. Age=18.
- Fame adjusted by +1; Artist increases +1 as well. Both are back at 9.
- Risk & Reward: Talent <= 2D; both succeed. Laamta receives an Award.
- Four skills this term. Laamta rolls once on Travel (3=Pilot) and three times on Business (5=Diplomat, 4=Liaison, and 2=Trader).

TERM 3. Age=22.
- Fame adjusted by -3 (6). Artist remains at 9.
- Risk & Reward: Talent <= 2D; both succeed. Laamta receives another Award.
- Four skills this term. Laamta rolls twice on Travel (4 and 4 = Astrogator+2) and twice on Business (1=Broker, 3=Advocate).

Laamta decides he has enough success to retire early. Laamta puts all three rolls on the money table; his Fame of 6 gives him a +2 to his rolls.

The rolls are 3, 5, and 4 = 5, 7, and 6 = Cr15,000, Cr25,000, and one StarPass.

Skills: Advocate-1, Animals-1, Art(Author-1, Artist-9), Astrogator-4, Broker-1, Diplomat-1, Liaison-2, Survival-1, Trader-1.

Laamta is skilled enough to work aboard a ship as an astrogator, or to simply live as an artist.
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