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2300AD & 2320 Discussion of the original 2300AD from GDW, the revised 2300 from Mongoose Publishing, or QLI's 2320AD.

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Old August 1st, 2017, 12:59 PM
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Default 200 ton corvette, TL11

EC-200 export corvette, TL11

The EC-200 series are a group of related light warships built by Bavaria (Germany) for export to Tier 3 nations for colonial duties. There are slight differences between ships of two different customers and between orders for the same customer. There were three main versions, however, each detailed below. A major compromise to save space was to combine four bridge positions into two positions – pilot/sensors and communications/navigation. Because of the added work burden, anyone filling these two combined positions has a -1 to all skill rolls for either.

All versions use a 200 ton hybrid lifting hull with STOL capability, and uses a 2G thruster for atmospheric flight. Standard radiators are fitted. A model 4 computer and a countermeasures suite is installed. The crew of 21 (9 bridge, 6 engineering, 2 stewards and 4 gunners) has a standard bridge, 12 staterooms, 2 autodocs, a briefing room and recreation facilities. Two turrets firing into arcs 1,2,5,6 (with one TTA) and a missile bay (with two missile directors) comprise the armament. They have 2 points of synthetic armor. Comfort is -1

The EC-200 Batch 1 has a stutterwarp drive E and MHD turbine G, which provides a cruising speed of 1.32 ly/day and tactical speed 2. Powerplant fuel for 12 days (40.3 tons) and thruster fuel for 4 hours (24 tons) is included. The turrets are armed with single LL-98 lasers and 4 Fantan missiles are carried. Six staterooms are added to carry 10 marines. Cargo is 4.9 tons and cost is MLv 55.74. Primary user: UAR

The EC-200 Batch 2 has a stutterwarp drive G and MHD turbine J, which provides a cruising speed of 1.72 ly/day and tactical speed 3. Powerplant fuel for 9 days (60.5 tons) and thruster fuel for 4 hours (24 tons) is included. The turrets are armed with single EE-88 lasers and a combination of 2 EM-5D SA-9 missiles and 8 EM-1 missiles are carried. Cargo is 6.4 tons and cost is MLv 53.82. Primary user: Argentina

The EC-200 Batch 3 has a stutterwarp drive H and MHD turbine J, which provides a cruising speed of 1.97 ly/day and tactical speed 4. Powerplant fuel for 8 days (53.75 tons) and thruster fuel for 4 hours (24 tons) is included. The turrets are armed with single EA-122 lasers and three SA-9 missiles are carried. Two extra staterooms are installed, to carry four marines. Cargo is 5 tons and cost is MLv 55.61. Note that Batch 3 ships have issues using active sensors and lasers at the same time; see p.200. Using active sensors and lasers in the same turns drops tactical speed to 3. Primary user: Texas
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