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Old July 8th, 2017, 05:17 PM
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Default Quarlo Clobregnny

Quarlo Clobregnny - A Mega-Traveller Character from the Far Future

NOTE: Quarlo originally appeared in The Outer Limits: Season 2, Episode 1, "Soldier" (Aired: 19 September, 1964) as a private. Let's make him a Sergeant, just to provide more skills. Quarlo was portrayed in this episode by Michael Ansara. I have altered his homeworld from a future Earth to an un-named and vaguely-described world somewhere in the Solomani Sector.

Infantry Sgt. Quarlo Clobregnny, RMANTNDO
UPP: BCBC76, 5 Terms, 38y, Cr49,075


Gun Combat-5, Recon-3, Leadership-2, Athletics-1 (Runner), Comms-1, Hvy. Weapons (RAM Grenade Launcher)-1, Medic-1, Melee (Blade)-1, Sensors-1, Stealth-1, Streetwise-1, Survival-1, Drive-0.


ACR (TL10), 5xACR Magazine (TL-10), Blade (TL2), Binoculars (TL8), Breather Mask (TL8), Cloth Armor-P5 (TL10), Comm (TL10), Envirosuit (TL8), Eye Protection (TL10), Medikit (TL10), Subdermal Armor-P1 (TL10).


Sgt. Clobregnny is an imposing "soldier's soldier" of a man at 1.90 metres tall and 90.7 kg (6'3" & 200#), with a swarthy complexion, a perpetual scowl, black hair (closely cropped) and dark brown eyes. His demeanor reveals that he is always "On Duty" - he has never been seen to relax or "chill out". He sleeps lightly, with a weapon, and comes to full battle-readiness if woken up suddenly.


Quarlo was born (?) at the Clobregnny Creche, where he was raised from infancy in a military environment. His only family (all male) consisted of the thirty or so other Clobregnny Deaos born (?) on the same day as he was. He has never known love, only duty. It is only since being dismissed from service (he refuses to discuss why) that he has come to experience true friendship without military obligation. He tends to be abrupt and blunt in his speech. He is quick to react to any known or perceived threat (i.e., eye contact, sudden moves, et cetera), so he tends to be 'jumpy' around more relaxed civilians. He is never without a weapon.

His homeworld is a battle-scarred desert, with less than 5% surface water. Resources are scarce, and only the strongest, the swiftest, and the most durable citizens survive to see their 18th year.

The nature of Quarlo's discharge was "Less Than Honorable" due to having lost his combat helmet, laser rifle, and uniform during the brief time he disappeared from command sensors. He refuses to discuss the details with anyone. He has registered as a free mercenary with the Imperial authorites, and will hire out as a military advisor, trainer or squad leader.

Tagline (1): "Nims Quarlo Clobregnny! Sajen! Arem! Ayen! Teeyen! Deeyo!"
Tagline (2): "Find the enemy! Kill the enemy!"
Tagline (3): "A soldier without a weapon is not a soldier."


Character Development

STR: 11 (+1)
DEX: 12 (+2)
END: 11 (+1)
INT: 12 (+2)
EDU: 7 (+0)
SOC: 6 (+0)

Max. HP: 34/23/11
Healthy: 23 to 34 (Attack and damage bonuses apply; penalties apply)
Stunned: 12 to 22 (No attack or damage bonuses; penalties apply)
Comatose: 1 to 11 (Unconscious; Can not attack or defend)
Death at: 0 (Dead; Can not be ressurrected)

MgT Skill Development:
> Homeworld Skills: Survival-0 (Homeworld: Desert)
> Army Basic Training: Drive-0, Athletics-0, Gun Combat-0, Recon-0, Melee-0, Heavy Weapons-0.

1st Term:
Rank-0 (Private): Gun Combat-1
Event: Assigned to planet with hostile or wild environment. Gained Recon-1
Skill: Melee-1
Awarded Meritorious Conduct Under Fire

2nd Term
Rank-1 (Lance Corporal): Recon-2
Event: Lightly injured, no permanent effect.
Awarded Purple Heart.
Skill: Athletics-1 (Running)

3rd Term
Rank-2 (Corporal)
Event: Assigned to planet with hostile or wild environment. Gained Recon-3
Skill: Gun Combat-2
Awarded Combat Ribbon for Counter-Insurgency

4th Term
Rank-3 (Lance Sergeant): Leadership-1
Event: Special duty assignment. Gained DM+1 to any benefit roll.
Skill: Gun Combat-3
Awarded Medal for Conspicuous Gallantry

5th Term
Rank-4 (Sergeant)
Event: Assigned to urbanized planet torn by war. Gained Streetwise-1
Skill: Recon-4
Awarded Combat Ribbon for Counter-Insurgency

Mustering Out

5 benefit rolls for terms served.
3 extra benefit rolls for rank.
DM+1 to benefit rolls (optional).

3 +1 EDU (4 to 5)
4 Weapon - Advanced Combat Rifle (TL10)
2 +1 EDU (DM+1: 5 to 6)
2 +1 INT (11 to 12)
2 Cr10,000 (DM+1)
6 Cr30,000 (DM+1)
1 Combat Implant - Subdermal armor (TL10)
2 Cr10,000 (DM+1)

Mercenary Skills Package

Comms-1, Gun Combat-1, Gun Combat-1, Heavy Weapons-1, Leadership-1, Medic-1, Sensors-1, Stealth-1.

Property Details

ACR (Equivalent in size, form and function to a P90)
• Tech Level: 10
• Range: Ranged (Rifle)
• Damage: 3d6
• Auto: 6
• Recoil: 0
• Mass: 6 kg
• Magazine: 40 rounds
• Cost: Cr1000
• Ammo Cost: Cr15 per magazine
• Options Included: Electronic Battlefield Sight (LI/IR, and 5x Zoom), Laser Rangefinder, Gyroscopic Stabilization.

Blade & Sheath
• Tech Level: 10
• Range: 0
• Damage: 2d6
• Heft: --
• Mass: 0.5 kg
• Cost: Cr50
• Stainless steel blade with serrated back, Hollow handle, Rounded Pommel.

• Tech Level: 8
• Mass: 1 kg
• Electronic Image Enhancement (EIE)
• Light-Intensification (LI)

Breather Mask
• Tech Level: 8
• Mass: --
• Combines filter mask and respirator
• Strips out harmful components from inhaled air
• Concentrates inhaled oxygen
• Used in Thin and/or Tainted atmospheres (ATM 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 9)

Cloth Armor
• Tech Level: 10
• Mass: 1 kg
• Protection Level: 5
• Heavy-Duty Body Suit
• Ballistic Cloth (Kevlar)
• Concealable under normal clothing
• Indistinguishable from ordinary clothing

Comm (Similar in size, shape and function to an "Android 4" smartphone)
• Tech Level: 10
• Mass: --
• Audio, Video, Data, and Computer/1
• Short-range only
• Network-capable

• Tech Level: 8
• Mass: 1 kg
• Protects from extreme heat or cold
• Body suit with hood, gloves, and boots
• Options: Mask (Included) and Re-Breather (Not Included)

Eye Protection (Goggles)
• Tech Level: 8
• Mass: --
• Blocks Ultraviolet Light
• Impact-Resistant (P1)
• Wrap-Around Design
• Foldable

Medikit ("Doctors' Black Bag")
• Tech Level: 10
• Mass: 8 kg
• Diagnostics Devices & Scanners
• Surgical Tools (Scalpels, forceps, tweezers, sutures, et cetera)
• Bandages, tape, patches
• Pharma (Anti-Rad, Med-Fast, Med-Slow, Pain-Kill, Panacea)

Subdermal Armor
• Tech Level: 10
• Mass: --
• Ballistic Fiber ("Kevlar") Mesh beneath growth layers in skin
• Reinforced bones
• Protection Level: 1



The Outer Limits: Season 2, Episode 1, "Soldier" (Aired: 19 September, 1964)

Plot Summary

A soldier from the far future is accidentally teleported back to our present (1964). The psychiatrist assigned to examine the soldier realizes that he has been bred purely as a killing machine, but he believe he can reawaken the warrior's humanity. Meanwhile, a second soldier arrives, dedicated to hunting and killing his enemy.

This episode was based on the book "Soldier from Tomorrow" (1957) by Harlan Elison
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