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Old December 15th, 2016, 05:28 PM
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Originally Posted by whartung View Post
The question then become at what speed does that information travel. I was thinking Jump 2 (since I expect these to be scouts). Information on X-Boat routes would travel at J-4, but only along the route, and only to the next system. But once that information from the X-Boat landed, the info could still be propagated at J-2. One could argue that X-Boat traffic won't happen from an interdicted system.

Simply, I consider Couriers to be ubiquitous, and Space "uncontrollable" enough to prevent it from happening. So, every fleet movement and action starts a J-2 Ripple of information in the space pond.
At TL 15 with an Imperial fleet, I consider all major fleet couriers to be the j-6 version from Supp 9. Each fleet will also have a gaggle of attached Scout/Couriers for local work.

Still causes a lag in comms, BTW, just not as bad as only having j-4 or even (perish the thought) j-2.

As for set-up times, my group set it up once, then we laughed when we re-read the box lid that boldly proclaims a 2-4 hour game time. _That's_ how long our set-up took...
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Old January 2nd, 2017, 05:52 AM
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After talking to the printers and seen the poor quality of the scans they got of the FFW map when printed on a full sheet I dropped the idea of having it commercially printed and instead purchased a color laser printer that can print 11X17 on cardstock. It's still unopened, got company occupying my house, but in the next month or so will start trying to laser print the maps.

But yes I want to do FFW double blind.
Solo play is hard due to the basic strategic goal of the zho commander is known to the imperial commander. You almost have to have another player to get the suspense of finding out that the 2 fleets headed for Rhylanor are dummies with a token force and the real attack was intended to take all of Jewell subsector.
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