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Old December 6th, 2013, 11:42 AM
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Default CT Weapons Sheets

I don't like referring to combat charts in a book while I'm gaming, so, with CT, here's how I get around it: With most rpgs, weapons have combat stats associated with them that are referenced during play--stuff like range modifiers, ammo capacity, and the like. Instead of just listing the name of a weapon as is usual for Classic Traveller, I have the weapon listed with its rpg stats.

At one time, I made a Word doc that I used as a form for weapon data. But, it's just as easy to scratch this information down on a piece of paper and keep it with the character. One thing I typically do is have one weapon on on piece of paper. Not only is it a visual reprensentation of the number of weapons a character may carry (a character sheet with four extra sheets of paper, one for each weapon, starts to give a physical idea to the player just how much gear the character is carrying), but it also makes it easy to hand weapons back and forth between characters. You just open the character binder and slip the other player the weapon sheet.

Typically, a CT weapon information block will look like this--

Req.   Adv.    C  S   M    L    VL   Weak   N    J   M  Cl   R    A    C  Wds     
4/-1   9/+1   -8  +1  +3  -6    --    -1   +5   +5  -1  -3  +5   +2   -5  4D
That's stats for a typical shotgun. The player has everything he needs at his fingertips. He knows range to target, and he can see the armor his target is wearing.

On the top of this weapon sheet, above this stat block, list the weapon name and TL. If you want to be complete, also list Base Price, Base Weight, Ammo Rds/Mag, Ammo Price, and Ammo Weight.

I usually also leave a space for notes about the weapon. You might see something like...

Picked this one up off the dead Droyne. It's trigger is overly long for human
fingers, and the trigger guard is a large circle big enough to encircle your wrist.
This weapon has three scratches in the butt, one for each kill I've made with it.
This weapon is made entirely of plastic.  Not the TL and price increase.  There
are no metal parts.  When the weapon is fired, if the attack dice show Snake-eyes,
the shot will go wide and the internal mechanism will melt from the heat, 
requiring replacement.
This weapon is a marksman's version suited with an extra long barrel.  Note
the altered modifier to Long and Very Long range.
Any non-standard adjustment or anything that makes the weapon unique can be explained in the notes section.

Usually, I list the weapon name and other information, including the notes section, on the top of the weapon sheet. Below that, I list the stat block (comes about in the middle of the page). With the bottom of the page, I sometimes list ammo blocks where a player can write in the type of ammo (some weapons use different types with different effects) and check boxes or make marks when ammo is used. Sometimes I put this on the Weapon Sheet, and sometimes I keep the Weapon Sheets clean and just use scratch paper for ammo tracking.

With the stat block shown above, it's easy to add rows for other types of modifiers. For example, a silencer may change the range mods. A scope would change the range mods, as well. Different types of ammo (like armor piercing) can change the armor mods. Whatever the variant, it's easy to just add a line to the stat block, easily showing the player the different options for using the weapon.

Also note in the example stat block above, I've written in a modifier for Weakened Blow. This is a Brawling Combat only modifier, but I list here the Weakened Blow modifier for a club (the stats are for a shotgun) in case the weapon is used as such.

I find that my players also typically add together their constants with a weapon and pencil that sum in next to the stat block (in pencil so that it is easily erased if the weapon sheet is given to another player's character).

For example, if a character uses a shotgun and has Shotgun-2 skill and is DEX-A, he's already +3 to hit with the weapon. The player will pencil in "+3" next to the stat block, and then, in combat, he will only have to add in modifiers for armor and range.
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Old December 6th, 2013, 01:56 PM
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Default Good consept

I like it and am going to adopt it.
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Old December 6th, 2013, 11:27 PM
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I looked at the first post and was like Huh? and then realized I've been using AHL/Striker too much.
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