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Old November 1st, 2013, 07:44 PM
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Default STUN

I've written about this a few times over the years. It's a CT House Rule that sticks with me.

What's the most likely outcome when a character is hit in CT combat? The answer is that the victim is knocked unconcious for 10 minutes, and after that time the character revives with wounded stats placed at half value.

Think about it. The average Traveller character has physicals of 777. The average damage done by a weapon in the Traveller Book is 3D.

The average on a 3D throw is 10. That damage applied to a character with average physicals results in one characteristic at zero and a second reduced by 3 points after the First Blood rule is applied.

Thus, an average character, the first time he takes damage, is generally rendered unconscious with a Minor Wound--which means, the character finds consciousness again in 10 minutes, is revived, and has all of his wounded stats raised to half way between their damaged levels and the character's maximum. A character with physicals 777, reduced to 047 in the described manner, will have stats 467 after he regains consciouness.

I think there's place for a Combat Stun among these mechanics. Here's what I suggest:

Classic Traveller Stun Rule

When one stat is reduced to 0, the damaged character may make a 1D END check. If successful, the character is stunned for 1 round, able to function normally after that penalty. Damaged attributes are raised to their half-way points as if the character has just regained consciousness. If the check fails, then the character falls unconscious for 3D minutes (average of 10 minutes).

STUN CHECK = 1D for END or less

Alternatively, the check can be made using 2D. This option is for Ref's who want to allow the stun option occasionally but prefer a greater chance for the official unconscious game rules to come into play.


Andy James 78A469

Andy is wounded in combat. His physical stats are reduced to 546 before he takes additional damage from a second enemy, making his stats 305.

Andy makes a 1D END check, rolling 1D for 5 or less. If Andy fails by rolling a 6 on this check, he has been knocked unconscious for 3D minutes.

But, if Andy's Stun check sees a 1-5 result, he will loose his next turn--incapacitated for that one 15 second period--but be able to act normally thereafter with his physical stats improved to 448.
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Old November 2nd, 2013, 12:00 AM
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I like that... it makes a nice counterpart to the common AD&D2E house-rule for a Con check (system shock) when you take half or more of your current HP in damage in one round. If you fail, you are unconscious for a period of time (up to DM). When you regain consciousness you are fine... but don't recover any HP.
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