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T4 - Marc Miller's Traveller Discussion of T4 - Marc Miller's Traveller from Imperium Games and the Milieu 0 setting.

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Old March 19th, 2012, 03:33 AM
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Default Freighter with flexibility

Ok sports fans Presenting the saturn

J-6 100 Dt 1g crew 2 TL 15 with grapple for a 35 Dt drop tank. The ship has no provision for internal jump fuel, no passengers, provision for 81
Dt of cargo
Maneuver drive is HEPLAR with 27.6 Gturns (half hr) of fuel. 4 large cargo hatches and some automated cargo handling equipment (one for standard modules, one for non modularized pallets) give an unassisted unloading rate of 5 Dt/hr (7dt/hr with additional equipment) total cargo cycle is 34 hours unassisted 22 hours with assistance/extra equipment.

The ship's hull is a standard sphere with the minimal 20 armour coherent ultradense stressed to 4.7g's. There is no provision for streamlining or fuel scoops, fuel purifier, or antigravity drives. The hull does not have provision for landing gear.
2.6m3. 38.89mt 605m2 -.26 KW .08MCr

Fusion Power plant -15
23m3 46mt -.16m2 159.78MW 4.6MCr
PP fuel 1 month 1.33kl
7.26m3 7.26mt -7.26m2 -72.6MW .0726MCr
fuel 10m3 (13.77 Ghours if cargo averages 1mt/m3
Jump Drive
98m3 196mt -60.5m2 -151.2MW 29.4MCr
No permanent internal fuel tanks, provision for one 25dt internal demountable tank to be installed (displacing some of the cargo), used when the ship needs to perform J-6

G=comp plates 1g
2.1m3 .042mt -1.47MW .105MCr
Class III life support (standard)
11.08m3 11.2mt -.28MW .0055MCr
Food storage
.23m3 .19mt
Staterooms 2Xhalf stateroom
56m3 4mt -.001MW .001MCr
1 minimal airlock
1m3 .06mt -1m2 .001MCr
4 large cargo doors 2m3 of handling equipment
2m3 2mt -80m2 -.03MW .08MCr

1 workstation 1 crewstation with holographic linked controls
21m3 .4mt .004MCr
2 flight computers CP4
.27m3 .055m3 -.24MW .022MCr
1 Maintence computer CP5 CM.2
7m3 1.4mt -6.02MW .56MCr
1 Active Scanner Sens 11
.5m3 1mt -.1m3 -.1MW .2MCr
500,000km Radio
.011m3 .022mt -105m2 -.105MW .094MCr
Drop tank Grapple
14.7m3 7.35mt .0074MCr
1141m3 1141mt

1g loaded
4.7g's empty
Jump 6 (Jump-1 at 350dt)

36.624 with design Fee
28.21MCr in quantity
Monthly payment of 1st unit
usual fuel costs/month Cr71,000
life support CR4000
Food and pay CR6300
Total CR228,734

CR162,000 (2 jumps/month)

Ahh but that's not the whole story.

The Rings:
250dt .001g, system ship
mounting a full grapple for a 100Dt sphere, a small power plant, 2 flight computers class II environmental controlls and 1G comp, a very small HEPLAR drive sends it at .009 g's loaded, .1g empty, oh yes and 236 Dt of cargo, 10 large hatches with full containerized handling system 40Dt/Hr full cargo cycle in 22 hours.

Thin Disk 1:10 with a 13.9 meter hole in the center where the Saturn is docked. Hull is armour factor 20 stressed for .25g's made of the same materials as Saturn. The Rings has no provision for landing gear, streamlining fuel scoops, antigravity, or fuel purification.
10.09m3 151.29mt 2375m2 -.001MW .313MCr

Fusion power
1m3 2mt -.03m2 6MW .2MCr
Heplar (mounted on edge of The Ring thrust is at rt angle to Saturn's thrust)
.163m3 .163mt -.326m2 -1.63MW .0016MCr
PP fuel .005m3
Heplar fuel 10.3m3 (631 hours, 11.59 Ghours)

Environmental gravity 1g (for delicate cargoes)
5.25m3 .105mt -3.675MW .2625MCr
Life Support II (incendental occupancy during cargo operations)
17.4m3 17.5mt -.35MW .0052MCr
1 Airlock
1m3, .06mt -1m2 .001MCr
10 large cargo doors, each with handling equip for containerized cargo
10m3 10mt -200m2 -.15MW

2Xflight control computers CP4
.27m3, .055mt -.24MW .022MCr
Radio 500,000 Km range
.011m3 .022mt -105m2 -.105MW .094MCr

Grapple for 100Dt sphere
140m3 140mt .07MCr
236dt cargo

1.18MCr with design fee
.935MCr in quantity
payment CR 4918
Fuel CR 1000

Notes: The Rings is radio controlled my either Saturn or local starport control. She does not mount any sensors, and there are no workstations for local control.

CR 472,000

Performance when Saturn is docked in The Rings:
J-1 .3G's 317dt cargo (drop tank 35Dt supports 1 J-1)


CR 228,734 + 5918 = 234,652


CR 162,000 + 472,000 = 634,000


634000 -234652 =399,348

The ship can ply a high volume J-1 route between two high population worlds, then J-6 to reach it's annual maintance location then return and take up the route again with just 4 weeks off route a year.

Return on investment a nomial 4 MCr per year not counting the 40 year payoff rate. Approxi a 12% per year ROR.

Who says you can't make money with a J-6 ship. This ship can get over the gaps between mains, and skip over the dangerous or unprofitable worlds along a main
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