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Play By Post - In Character For in character play and digression.

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Old December 9th, 2017, 10:27 PM
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Default [TDW:1416.2] Saorsa Bound

[Haearn System 208.75.1200 Fleet Time] Bridge, Abandonment

Jump coordinates were locked in. Maneuver speeds were in check and the ships were spread out in case of navigational error. The fleet was ready.

It had taken a lot of work to get them there.

No one was surprised when Jimmie Raeder became “President Pro Tem” with a three year term. Haearn wasn’t sure about unification but her people had paid the cost of division. Jimmie was an experiment.

He was also now recognized as “off the market”, relationship wise. The day before the election he had asked Captain Noevl to marry him. There was a rumor amoung the Fish aboard that had cameras not been around President Raeder would have made his acceptance speech with a black eye and broken jaw. Yet Captain Noevl had stood beside Jimmie the next day. Sharp eyes saw a young boy, between two very muscular guards, in the background.

Gail was at station on the bridge. Her treatment had gone well, aided by a load of pure oxygen sent by Haearn. The Toppers had rigged two torpedoes as supply rockets and sent the high speed cargo as fast as they could. Haearni didn’t know from Confed from Atrean but ENS Gail Jacobson was a planetary hero.

She also made a mark on the Abandonment. Eventually even the Fleet Captain knew a certain crewman was mentally in zero G about a certain ENS. Jokes about saving her boyfriend aside, everyone aboard had gotten the clear message: crew takes care of crew.

Captain Holden had affirmed that position. Ben had gotten the read that Holden wasn’t nearly the leader Stephens was. There was an expectation that some of the raider crews might change their jump coordinates. Holden had, with Ben’s approval, started to rearrange crews and send those most at risk to the Abandonment. Rumor has it that former Captain Berry of the Hashanai had refused, and then subsequently stumbled on the bridge of his ship. Several times. In multiple directions. Holden might not make the best Captain but crew started following orders a lot faster.

So far the mess crew were doing well with finding new ways to cook Haearn fish. The Topper cadets were pitching in and Sub Ensign James Christian was acting as Senior Haearni aboard. What he lacked in leadership training he made up for in a willingness to whatever work was needed. Ensign Candidate Klessia Christian had been studying comms and sensors on the Abandonment. She was already training former slaves on the basics.

Lily, well, was Lily. The darkness seemed to have receded a little. There was a bit of Kel in her walk around the Captain’s cabin but all Marston on the bridge. It was good to be alive.

Still, he had one problem to deal with. It was time. McCray joined Ben as he walked to the conference room off the bridge. Auger was already there.

“You sure about this?” He looked between them. Auger’s “Yes sir.” came out quickly and with conviction. McCray’s nod was a bit more hesitant. Auger took her hand.

“Sir, it’s the best thing that could happen for me, and I want to make it the best thing for Sherry. The McCray clan head won’t recognize any marriage not done strictly by their rules in their chapel on their planet. Our duties will preclude us from getting there for some time and there’s going to be resistance. I’ll do the best I can to meet their expectations but I’ll hang before I let a stubborn old man who browbeats nieces into arranged marriages ruin her life.”

Sherry McCray met Ben’s gaze. “Yes sir. My family wasn’t important enough to make decisions, the clan head does what he wants. I’ve had to do what men tell me all my life.”

Her hand squeezed Auger’s. “It took me a while to realize that some men actually love. Izzy and I want to marry. I want to finish my schooling. We don’t know what all is going on but there’s chances for us. I’d like to enter jumpspace as Mrs Auger, if you don’t mind.”
Chronicler, the Domici War
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