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Old October 5th, 2017, 06:31 PM
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Default DGP Starship Operator's Manual Vol 1. Starship Operations

Afternoon PDT,

On the TML the topic of "1G ship vs Size 8 world" suggested that a ship with an 1G MD cannot take-off from a Size 8 world.

Digging through my MT material I found "Game Rules for Starship Operations" (SOM) in DPG Starship Operator's Manual Vol. 1 pp. 59-65 is a process for taking off from the surface of a world to low orbit, high orbit, geosynch orbit, travel time from satellite to satellite orbit, world to world orbit, orbit to jump point, and jump space flight.

The "Estimating task duration in advance" section under "Key Tasks", p. 60, "Guidelines for general-purpose tasks used on other T-charts" is the one I do not have a handle on.

Inside the block is the following for "Estimating task duration in advance":

To estimate a task's duration ahead of time:
Difficult, related skill, Int (uncertain)

Referee: Use the related skill from the task being estimated. If successful, have the player roll 3D duration ahead of time to arrive at the estimated duration for the task in question. When the actual task is performed, determine the actual duration by rolling 1D - 1D and adding the result to the estimate.

If some truth, roll 1D + 1D 9thait is, 2D) and add the result to the estimate for the actual task duration.

The situation:
Predict how long to repair the maneuver drive.
The repair requires engineering skill.
The repair has a 1 hour time increment.
The Task:
To estimate the duration of the repair task:
Difficult, Engineering, Int (uncertain)

The result:
The player succeeds at the estimate task, toll 3D, and gets an estimate of 7 hours. Later, when the player does the repair, he rolls 1D followed by 1D, giving a 2 and a 4.
If the Referee got a total truth estimate: 7 + (2 - 4) = 5 hours actual duration.
If the Referee got a some truth estimate: 7 + (2 + 4) = 13 hours actual duration.

MT Referee's manual p. 13 has text referencing how uncertain risk qualifier, the SOM's instructions, and example works.

Can anyone provide a relatively easy way on how "Estimating task duration in advance" works plase?
Tom Rux
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