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Originally Posted by McPerth View Post
McBean tries to hire a crew for the trilas of his newly built Highlands Pride. He needs a petty officer (pilot) and 6 able hands (signalsman, 2 topmen, 2 engineers and a deckhand), so it would cost him 15/6 a day.

He plans for 2 weeks trials (so costing him 10 17/-). He himselfs pilots it when conditions are good (with the pilot's supervision, as he knows he has a lot to learn in this).

After making the trials, he writes a letter to Major Fellows sugesting to show him the ship before the appointment, just to see if it would be adequate and if some improvements must be done.
This should be late october...

McBean heads to the nearest Merchant Marine hiring hall, as that's where he'll find qualified men. There are a lot, so it sounds like a choice:

Either a Bargaining Roll (basic competent crew, successes reduce costs) or Leadership (No reduction in costs, but successes improve crew quality). TN ≤3. If you do both, leadership 1st, at TN ≤3, then bargaining at TN ≤2.

A failure means raising the prices by 1s per day per man and retry.
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