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8 October, Southampton, continued
Originally Posted by Jame View Post
Davey takes notes in standard reporter's shorthand in order to prep a headline for the news. "I'm more familiar with a revolver than a longarm so if you have any suggestions for that I'd certainly appreciate it."

"Cricket sounds fun. I'll be there, just let me know what time it is. Oh, if you don't mind I'd like to take a few photos for The Cornishman - we'd get a scoop, you'd get some more publicity, and maybe find a ship.
"Ah, yes." A broad smile. "Game's at 1, I'm one of our bowlers. As for a longarm, I'm sending you to Venus. An elephant gun is not a bad choice, but may be a bit much for you. If you're not busy sunday after services, we can get some lunch here, and then head over to the armory and let you try some out, see what you can handle. An interview for you as much as a nice day at the range when the boys won't be crowding."
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