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8 October, Southamption, Continued.
Originally Posted by Jame View Post
"Will do. I'll get the photos and interview done soonest and get them right back to you."

When he arrives he presents himself to Major Fellows.
"David Lawton, from The Cornishman. I'd like to join your expedition as a reporter - here are my credentials. I think you'd be served by having someone to publicize your findings."

"If possible I'd also like to take some photos and an interview for publication on Tuesday's issue."
The Major is a middle aged officer, youthful looking, but with wrinkle lines at the corners giving away his advancing age, quite well fit. In his office, he's in shirt and trousers, with braces, his red tunic hanging nearby on a separate coatrack. A cricket glove and bat rest in the corner behind it. He waives you in, pulls two cups and saucers, then removes the cozy from the teapot on his desk. He takes the letter, and sits.

Looking over the letter, he absently pours two cups of tea, slides one across, indicates the chair in his small but comfortable office, hums softly some marching anthem, proffers a box of sugar cubes, then reads the CV.

Finally, "Mr. Lawton... our first contract is scheduled to leave in January. I suspect it may be short a man or two. You claim to be able to shoot... Good. Bring a longarm and sidearm. Speak German - excellent!" At this point, he pulls out a package of inexpensive biscuits, a spare saucer, and puts two piles of five neatly on the saucer. Be ready for a 1.5 to 2 year assignment. You may be able to get time to send home some interim stories via government courier." He then pulls out a folder, labels it in drafting pencil, and puts your application papers into it. "Process begins at 9 in the morning January the ninth. I see no reason you can't be on this trip, provided we have a ship. We'll put you up here in the house for the week before departure. Oh, and if you're not busy on the morrow, we've got a cricket match on the pitch across the way. R-A versus R-E... "
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