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Arrow [Referee] On your Homeworld, Areri.

Originally Posted by Jazzlvraz View Post
Birthworld: How about [FS 2427] Homagatu C 340 223-7? It's listed with no TCs at all, but its characteristics seem to make it De He Lo Po Mi. Just the kind of place I want to get my butt away from...
That would be because the Referee had not yet entered the data from the text file into the DataBase yet and thus has to work all that out. So, let us get right to that.

[FS 2427] Homagatu C 340 223-7 De He Lo Po Co {-2} (8160) [1059] B S A 600 Ic Primary M1 V, Close BD, Near M4 VI, NIL Transients, RU 48, Std G = 0.5, Homeworld Skills: (De) Survival-1, (He) Hostile Environment-1, (Lo) Flyer 0 (Knowledge)-1, and (Po) Steward-1.

Yep, I would think that should do you fine.
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