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Small Starburst Setting: On Nobility and Landless Grants.

I thought I better get this up and on e-paper soonest, as I already had one person get Elevated to Baronet.

First off, when a character is not in the Noble Career and receives a C6 +1 they are not automatically Elevated to a Noble Title and Rank, that is what the Noble Career is for.

The C6 +1 is merely a jump in your Social Standing, you are treated as you are the almost equal of whatever your new C6 is. For example if you are say, a Marine and get a C6 +1 (with a new C6 = B) on Personal Development during your Career are not Knighted, but you do get an Official Posting, such as say Appointed as Aide de Camp to General Velinsino, RM (Treat as Fame +1) and may get a Landless Grant (Referee's Discretion. See below for functioning of Landless Grants). You are treated as if you were the same Social Standing as a Knight, but are not given the Precedence of a Knight in Court or State Functions, such as Embassy Dinners (Knights will be announced and seated before you).

Another possibility is that the Character is elected or otherwise Appointed by their Homeworld to the Imperial Senate and becomes a Imperial Senator with the traditional Landless Grant (KCr 15/year). {Yes, my ATU does have an Imperial Senate, so CT Adventure 1 is okay in this House. Indeed, somewhere quite possibly, there is an Imperial Senator being held unlawfully on an Imperial Navy Prison Barge...}

For the Nobles, if you receive a C6 +1 in Personal Development, you are not Elevated to the next Title or Rank. Instead you are Appointed to an Imperial or Royal Office (worked out by the Referee and the Player) and given a Landless Grant of KCr 15/year (for as long as the character hold the Office). You also gain Fame +2 when it comes to using the Personals. The Office and Grant are non-transferable and can not be passed on to Heirs as a Title and Land Grant can be. So while you do get boned on the Title and Land, you do get a some nice bennies.

An example: William C. Hesh, Baronet of Heridis ([FS 1128] C 745 744-B Ni Pa Ht {0} (3670) [4459] Bc S 800 NIL Settlers RU 126) rolls C6 +1 on his Personal Development, he is not Elevated to Baron. Instead he is Appointed to the Imperial Starport Authority Office of Warden of Heridis Highport and given a Landless Grant worth KCr 15/year as a Salary which comes out of the starport's Sophont Resources (Executive) budget. Also of course he probably gets free fuel for any spacecraft he may use or own, free lodging in the starport's high end facilities and of course free food at the starport's restaurants. He may not transfer the Office or the Landless Grant and if he decides to quit his Office, he loses the Official Title of Starport Warden and his Landless Grant is reduced to KCr 7/year (but that KCr 7 is for the rest of the his life).

Also, see this post here for Social and what it means.
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