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Name: Valdemar Martel (Wally)
Born: 181-????. Died: N/A. Age: 42
Hair: Red-Blonde. Eyes: Hazel. Height: 191 cm. Mass: 105 kg.
Title(s): Force Commander
Fame: 22 (Rank O4, SEH+10, 2xMCG+6, Flux +2).

Birth UPP: A9879A.
Genetic Profile: 5564XB.

Skills: Driver (Wheeled)-1, Animals (Riding)-1, Artist (Sketch)-1, Engineering (Power Plants)-4, Military Tactics-2, Fighting (Unarmed)-2, Fighting-6, Language (Battle)-8, Stealth-2, Mechanic-1, Flyer (Grav)-1, Leader-1, Explosives-1, Hostile Environment-1, Medic-1

Birthworld: Pecias E 564 620-2. Ni Ag Ri
Homeworld: Same
Homeworld Skills: Driver(wheeled)-1, Animals(Rider)-1, Artist (Sketch)-1.

Education: Emperor’s Own Permatic Naval Academy (Edu 9, Target 9-1=8): roll=6 (Accepted).
Pass/Fail: Target C5-1=8, rolls: 7, 8, 8, 4, Honors: 11 Pass, w/o Honors
Major: Engineering (Power Plants 4), Minor: Military Tactics-2.
Commissioned: Marine Officer 1

Term 1:
Begin: Automatic
Branch: Commando.
Assignments: 5,4,4,3 Insurgency 2, 2 x Insurgency 1, Peace Keeper DM: Caution +2
Risk (C1=A): Target: A-2-2-1+2=7, roll =7. Success.
Reward (C1=A): Target: A+2+2-1-2=C, roll =2 Success.
Medals: C-R=8 Campaign Ribbon (See GM), SEH
Promotion: Edu 9+1=A, roll 8 Success: Marine Officer 2.
Continue: Str=A, roll =A Success.
Skills: Fighting (Unarmed) 2, C2 +1, C3+2.

Term 2:
Assignments: 3,2,2,5 Peace Keeper, Combat, Combat, Insurgency 2 DM: Caution +2
Risk (C2=A): Target: A-2-2-1+2=7, roll =7 Success.
Reward (C2=A): Target: A+2+2-1-2=B, roll =4 Success.
Medals: C-R=6 Campaign Ribbon (See GM), MCG.
Promotion: Edu 9+1=A, roll =7 Success: Marine Officer 3
Continue: Str=A-1=9, roll =4 Success.
Skills: Fighting 2, Language (Battle) 1, Stealth 1, C4+1.

Term 3:
Assignments: 1,1,2,2, Battle, Battle, Combat, Combat DM: Caution +3
Risk (C3=A): Target: A-2-3-1+3=7, roll =8 Failure. Wounds 1 Recover 1
Reward (C3=A): Target: A+2+2-1-3=A, roll N/A.
Medals: Wound Badge
Promotion: Edu=9, roll =2 Success: Marine Officer 4
Continue: Str=A-2=8, roll =5 Success.
Skills: Fighting 2, Mechanic, C5+2
Aging: Life Stage 5, C1 roll =7 , C2, roll =6, C3 roll =7

Term 4:
Assignments: Command College, 1,1,5, Battle, Battle, Insurgency 2 DM: Caution +3
Risk (C4=8): Target:8-3-2-1+3=5, roll =7 Failure Wounds 2 Recover 2
Reward (C4): Target 8+3+2-3-1=9, roll: N/A
Medals: Wound Badge
Promotion: Edu=9, roll =A Failure.
Continue: Str=A-3=7, roll =7 Success.
Skills: Leader, Flyer (Grav) 1, Stealth-1, Fighting 1
Aging: Life Stage 5<2D, C1 roll =3, C2, roll =9, C3 roll =9

Term 5:
Assignments: 3,4,5,1 Peace Keeper, Insurgency, Insurgency 2, Battle DM: +3 Caution
Risk (C1=A): Target A-3-2-1+3=7, roll =4 Success.
Reward (C1=A): Target: A+3+2-3-1=B, roll =4 Success.
Medals: C-R=6 Campaign Ribbon, MCG
Promotion: Edu=9+1=A, roll =B Failure
Continue: Str=A-4=6, roll =5 Success.
Skills: Fighting 1, Explosives 1, Hostile Environment 1, Medic 1
Aging: Life Stage 6<2D, C1 roll =7, C2 roll =6 , C3 roll =9

Muster Out (9: 5 terms, 3 Medals, Fame Bonus): C6+2 (Baronet), Retirement: 30 KCr, per annum, WaferJack, Life Insurance, Cr120,000. Weapon (Probably a side arm)
"Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet." - General James Mattis.

3 times elevated Knight of the Iridium Throne, Marquis Djar, Marquis of the Solomani Rim (Fafhrd), Count Uakye, and Count Jana. Duke Ninua of the Imperial Core.

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