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I'd really like to get this game fired up again, whenever you're ready. Do we have any of the other players still around? Last time Vladicka had expressed interest and I helped him make two PCs, but then he never followed through with the final decisions to complete them.

[EDIT: Yikes! Checked his profile, seems Vladicka has been away even longer than me, no activity here since August 2014. I hope he's doing OK.]

I was just looking over my two guys in the Character thread, Jeremy Brownell and James Laclede, and I gotta say I'm looking forward to playing both of them. I had a few brief hours as James making a presentation to the U.S. government committee that was planning the Mars expedition for scenario #5, but that was all.

I'd be happy to return to that mission, since James was sorta custom-designed for it, but really any of the off-planet missions that would let me play these two guys would be OK with me. Or I could even make someone new, I've always enjoyed the chargen process, but I've forgotten how it works in Space: 1889, and I'm not so great at learning (or re-learning) anything complicated now; it makes my head hurt.

Come on, some of you guys sign up for this game, it'll be Fun!
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