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5. Mars: The US Navy is very desirous of obtaining a reliable source of liftwood for its fledgeling aerial service. Based on the report of Miss Elizabeth Boynton who, along with her diplomat father, was kidnapped by a group of High Martians, it may be possible to trade non-lethal goods in the form of lemon drops and digestive biscuits (aka Graham Crackers) for wood. C. Sharps and Company have also been approached because of their patented bronze alloy, which has a pronounced golden color when highly polished, and a quantity of knives, short swords, and spearheads has been purchased for trading as well. The areas to the west of the trading complex at Thymiamata are reported to have good supplies of liftwood, and the party will travel along the Dead Canal to the northwest to Oxia and Niliacus in an effort to make contact with liftwood traders. Funds are somewhat limited, so the party will need to do some hunting for specimens to sell to Earth museums as well as some exploring and surveying of the flora and fauna along the route for possible sources of profit.

Referee Note: While the party may have a British character or two, the majority will be Americans, and at least one person with Merchant skill is greatly needed. A scientist or two would also be useful. A U.S. Naval or Marine officer will also likely be a member.

6. Mars: The newly formed National Geographic Society wishes to establish itself as an equal to the Royal Geographical Society, and it is willing to sponsor an exploratory mission to Mars. Areas of interest are the Swamps of Gorklimsk, the unknown area around Tharsis (with emphasis on how this city is surviving when located only on Dead Canals), and the little known areas of Electris and Thaumasia. The Society will pay for the either flyer roundtrip, and assist with obtaining equipment, but the players are expected to supply or raise the funds for their own equipment.

Referee Note: A party with mixed skills would be best, British or American. The players decide which way they are going and then will travel from either a British outpost or Thymiamata to their starting point, presumably via a Sky Galleon. Beware the High Martians!
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