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3. Earth: Brazil is greatly desirous of increasing its exports of rubber, but rubber collectors in the western Amazon region have been reporting the presence of extremely large snakes that have attacked, at times, travelers in boats and near riversides. As the primary means of travel is via river, these tales have greatly reduced rubber collections, and Brazilian exports (as well as Brazilian government revenue). The British Royal Society and the newly formed US National Geographic Society have been asked by the Brazilian government to send an expedition to the area to disprove the claims of large and dangerous creatures. The Brazilian government believes (quite rightly) that any pronouncement on its part will not be believed, but thinks that an outside party investigating would have its report accepted as true. Travel will be by boat, so some knowledge of small watercraft will be needed in the party. C. Sharps and Company may be prevailed to furnish some of their new bronze alloy rifles to the party to demonstrate their use in the humid and hot Amazon climate. Both Peru and Bolivia have claims on the area to be explored, and will be also watching with great interest.

Referee Note: The claims of 60 foot long anacondas are, in fact, true, which will not make the Brazilian government very happy. The party may prefer to exit the area through either Peru or Bolivia to avoid major complications. Sighting what appears to be a very isolated plateau with strange creatures on it will not help matters. Then, of course, there are the hostile Indians. The men running the rubber gathering operation are not particularly nice either, or trustworthy Weapon skills are greatly warranted. Rumors of the Lost City of Z may also be picked up.

4. Mars: The war between Britain and the Oenotrian Empire has bogged down, and British resources on Mars are stretched thin. With the recent publication of the Century series on the Battles and Leaders of the Civil War, the US Navy histories, and Sharf’s History of the Confedrate States Navy, considerable knowledge of Confederate ship-building techniques is now available. The extensive use of wood by the Confederacy in building its ironclads offers the chance of greatly simplifying construction on Mars., requiring only the armor and steam plant to be shipped from Earth. A mixed group of former Confederates, Union naval veterans, and British mariners has come together and proposes to build an aerial warship, similar in design to the CSS Albemarle, for use as a convoy escort and raider under a Letter of Marque from the British. Young Francis Bannerman has made a small fortune through the purchase of surplus US Civil War military goods and cannon, and is willing to supply cannon for the vessel (of course, for a cut of the proceeds). The players will need to convince the British authorities on Mars of their ability to carry this out, and get the ship built. Then, the fun starts.

Referee Note: Expertise with smoothbore ordnance is a plus, C. Sharps may be a good source of weapons, advertising you know. Prior nautical, army, or Marine experience also very helpful.
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