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Default Campaign Possibilities

While I have not changed these much, in looking at the threads, I did forget to post the Referee Notes for the Amazon Expedition. I think that to make things easier for possible players, I will repost them.


1. Mercury: Thomas Edison has heard rumors of naturally occurring energy cells called “glow crystals” on Mercury and desires some for examination in order to possibly produce them on Earth. He will sponsor a group to proceed to Mercury to search for the crystals, with the approval of the British government, and starting from the Princess Christiana Station located at Mercury’s North Pole. The group must include at least one Geologist and at least one person with experience with small boats for travel on the World River. The US government has an interest in the expedition as well, desiring more information as to what may be found on Mercury. The party will have the use of a wood-powered steam launch while on Mercury. As an alternative, a sailing launch can be provided, which will do away with the necessity of spending time every two days cutting wood for fuel. Against that, if the NPCs are cutting wood, the party does have a day for exploration of the area.

Referee Note: At least one character must be an American with maritime experience, either with the Navy or Marine Corps, and is acting for the US Navy’s Office of Naval Intelligence. (Yes, the U.S. Navy had a very active Office of Naval Intelligence at that time.) He will be given some additional skills not known to the other players initially. There will also be two NPC to assist in the operation of the steam launch, so as to allow the players to concentrate on their task.

2. Venus: Leon Sharps, son of the noted gun inventor, Christian Sharps, has developed a breech-loading Sharps rifle using a special bronze alloy for use on Venus, so as to reduce the problems of rust and corrosion in the extremely humid Venusian atmosphere. He wishes to demonstrate its capabilities on Venus and is looking for a group of adventures to travel there and use his new rifles, hoping that they will be adopted by one of the colonies for military and civilian use. The special alloy has also been used to make a small number of edged weapons for use as well, along with machetes. A number of extra daggers and machetes will be carried by the expedition to use as trade items with the Lizard-men. Half of the profits of any trade will be paid to the adventuring group. The starting point for any group may be the British, Russian, or Italian colony, and the group preferably should be American in origin. Americans will have a bit of an edge here, especially if from the Southeast and Florida, where heat and humidity are not unknown. Sharps will sell to any country, but the Germans sneer at his “obsolete” single-shot rifle compared to their magazine Mauser.

Referee note: While exploration is not the object of the expedition, any finds will be valuable to the appropriate government. Travel may be on land or sea. The Hotchkiss gun company has purchased a license to use the Sharps alloy for production of light cannon, and if desired, will supply any expedition with a test sample of either the 37mm caliber revolving cannon or a bronze version of the US Army 1.85 inch/2 pounder mountain rifle, along with ammunition. Travel near the German colony is not advised.
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