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Default Space: 1889 Campaign

A few years ago SpaceBadger and I were working on a Space: 1889 campaign, but things sort of fizzled out when he got sick. Now that he is back on the Forum, we are thinking of restarting it. If you look on SpaceBadger's Reaver's Deep thread, you can see some of the posts for it. I will be looking at getting material posted back here to start from for the game.

A couple of head's ups. First, I will be using the original rules and books for the campaign, and nothing from the new edition. If you need those, you will need to get them. As a minimum, you will need the core rule book, the Soldier's Companion, and Conklin's Atlas of the Worlds. Caravans of Mars and Steppe Lords of Mars would also be useful. I am not sure if any aerial combat will occur. It the new group wants to go to Venus or Mercury, then the two Tales of the Ether books will come in handy.

Next, you will likely encounter historical and fictional non-player characters that I will be playing. Do not try to kill, injure, or otherwise damage them. That would not be good for your character. Use them as resources.

Next, I will be reposting the various news flashes that I put up earlier to give you some idea as to how my mind works. Pay attention to them. If you do not, you may find yourself bitten in the butt by something with fangs and poison. Another note, I have no problems trying to kill player characters if they start doing stupid things. Do you wish to find out what the inside of a 60 foot anaconda looks like? Be careful who you insult. Wyatt has a short temper, and Frederic Remington might be an artist, but he is also a good hand with a gun, both revolver and cavalry carbine. He would not mind adding to his artwork of gunfights from Mars. Do not, ever, insult or threaten Lady Baker. Her husband might bend you into a pretzel before using you for target practice.

More to follow.
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