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Lightbulb Wafer RPGs Gone Wild

I can see an Entertainment Wafer Series that goes horribly sideways:

When a small Pack of Vargr, crewing an ACS Far Trader, collectively slot a cast of Entertainment Wafer personalities, they get more than they bargained for. As their alter egos tell the story, the hosts find they are on the ride of their lives when the Alpha-Captain learns that this story is for real and their ship has been commandeered by the cast of the Wafers. It will be an adventure they can never forget as two stories merge into one. But how to regain control when the two realities become indistinguishable? What inner truths of the real Vargr will the Wafer characters dredge up and use in their story? Action, adventure, romance, power and an interstellar threat that no real Vargr has ever imagined culminate in this Wafer EPIC.
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