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Originally Posted by McPerth View Post
I guess after several TLs of developement it's hard to talk about a non-mastered technology. It appears at TL 9, so my take is that by TL 15 it should be quite masteres, and I agree with the side that tells such a risk would have been forbiden except in dire emergencies (to keep someone from certain death)
It's a fair point you make about the TL-9 to TL-15 spread (TL-9 does seem a bit low). But, don't forget that there are things people don't understand about the Jump Drive either. Like wind and a sail, they don't know everything about how it works. They just know that it does work. And, the Jump drive has just a long a spread in tech.

And, if it were forbidden, it wouldn't be in the (CT) rules, or it would be described as such.

Therefore, some other answer has to apply to the question, "Why do standard low berths in the OTU have such high death rates."

It's a fact that they do, at least in the CT OTU, so the question is not whether it is or is not legal. The question is: Why is it legal?
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