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Some thoughts while reading discussion between Hampton and Doc about how best to utilize the favor owed to them by Nero for medical treatment.

If anyone wants to make contacts through the NPCs while on Nexus (other than a blunt "you owe me a favor") it might be helpful to get to know them a bit while in Jump. You don't necessarily need to roleplay this out if you don't want to, but at least a note saying your character is initiating some conversation or activity with a particular NPC would lay a little groundwork for later interaction at the starport.

Both Nero and Marisa are very sociable and amenable to socializing in the passenger lounge, playing games, etc. Both would be interested in guided tours of the ship.

Wawepaba stays mostly in his stateroom, even having meals delivered there if one of the stewards is available, otherwise getting his food and taking it back to his stateroom.

Jordan wears workout clothes most of the time in jump, and spends a lot of time in the passenger lounge sitting and reading a datapad, or else doing pushups and crunches and martial-art stretching exercises (something like tai chi).

EDIT: Crew can check on the location and activity of passengers at any time through Alfred and Jarvis. Passengers may have the illusion of solitude or privacy aboard ship, but in reality, not so much. Of course, such covert observation of passengers is subject to review by higher officers aboard ship, so don't abuse it (unless you are Hampton; in space, the Captain is King).
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